Adding PC2 memory to Acer laptop

  Maundy 17:00 19 Aug 2010

I have an Acer Aspire5611 AWLMi which has two memory slots, one currently fitted with 1GB 2Rx8 PC2-4200S-444-12-E3 memory by Samsung.

Do I have to EXACTLY match this for the other slot or is any PC2 memory compatible?

  DieSse 17:47 19 Aug 2010

It's always best to have matching RAM - though you might find other RAM will appear to work, there can easily be small timing differencies that make for very intermittent "strange things" (caused by RAM errors).

So my motto has always been - why risk it. The (many - well in excess off a hundred) systems I've built over the years have at least been very stable.

Don't trust the siren voices that say - yes, these will work together OK - better play safe than sorry.

Also - always buy Class 1 branded RAM - that's from known makers who make the chips, put them on boards designed to JDEC standards, test them properly, and give a proper guarantee.

Personally my approach , if I couldn't find an exact match, would be to buy two new sticks and sell the old one. That may sound "over the top" - but that's what my experience tells me.

  gengiscant 10:36 20 Aug 2010

I am of the opposite school as far as laptops are concerned. I have mainly bought on Ebay whatever was correct for the PC. Never had any problems.
Totally different with my self build PC's,spend a lot of time researching compatibility and only by decent a ram brand.

  Maundy 12:47 20 Aug 2010

Many thank to those who contributed views.
I'm still wavering on whether to increase the 1 GB memory already installed.

  MAT ALAN 13:06 20 Aug 2010

click here
use the advisor tool from the link, buy from them,job done...
It will tell you what you have installed and any appropriate upgrade...

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