Adding old Hard Drive

  jdb 21:29 28 Oct 2005

Am trying to fit another HDD into my PC so that I can access the data I have on it. The existing HDD has a ribbon connector which also goes to the CDRW and then to the Motherboard. There is no other connector on the ribbon. So can I use the ribbon from my old PC to connect it to another connector on the Motherboard?
The MB connector is a different colour than the existing one though.
I'd be grateful for any advice.
My old PC is and 8 YO Gateway and the "newer" model is a locally made Athlon with a GB Motherboard if thats relevant.

  ade.h 22:01 28 Oct 2005

Two options really.
1) temporarily disconnect your optical drive and swap in the HDD on the same channel.
2) use the other IDE channel with a spare ribbon cable.

  ade.h 22:01 28 Oct 2005

It's almost certain that you will have two IDE channels - they'll normally be next to each other.

  jdb 22:19 28 Oct 2005

Thank you for your response - but please confirm what an IDE channel is, is it the spare connection on the MB? So do I connect the CDRW with the spare old ribbon and connect the HDD to the CDRW connector on the ribbon?

  dan11 00:21 29 Oct 2005

Use the spare connector on the motherboard and the ribbon cable from the other machine.

The IDE channels or connectors, marked in red click here can support 2 IDE devices running off each one. Just like the one that runs the hard drive and cdrw of your older machine. So if you have an empty connector on your motherboard, in theory, it should run 2 extra drives.

"My old PC is and 8 YO Gateway and the "newer" model is a locally made Athlon with a GB Motherboard if thats relevant."

No. It should be fine, unless the older hard drive is SCSI, which I doubt.

Just connect the ribbon cable to the motherboard. Insert the hard drive and fix into position. Connect the ribbon cable and the power lead to the hard drive and switch the computer on.

Check the hard drive is listed and use the hard drive as you wish.

  jdb 17:01 29 Oct 2005

Fantastic!! It actually works shock horror.
I'm utterly amazed. I've also added 2 sticks of RAM from my old PC and the PC recognises them and shows 512Mb RAM. I've since also swapped my Linksys 54G Wireless PCI Card and whilst the newer PC recognises it I'm not yet in touch with my home network. I have Windows 98 on the newer PC and my network is run from a Broadband Router to which my daughter's new PC is connected via ethernet and my laptop via a wireless card. I intend to use the cobbled together PC as a Print server, back up and scanning device. I think I'll need to upgrade it to Windows XP to stand any chance.
Many thanks indeed for your help.

  ade.h 18:16 29 Oct 2005

Sorry I couldn't respond to your second question and expand on my answers yesterday. Glad you're sorted.

  Strawballs 23:55 29 Oct 2005

You say the new comp recognises the linksys card but does not link to the network. Have you run the software from the card on this comp and are you using encryption on the network and if so have you set it up on the comp with the wireless card.

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