adding new Memory?

  jackthelad71 12:43 21 May 2007

I bought a pair of 1GB memory from Crucial and all went well, My computer recognizes the , But
at boot-up it shows them as DDR333 when they are actually DDR400 I phoned crucial and they say it is my computer that is reading them wrong yet it
used to read the two 512MB ones before at DDR400
can anyone explain, Please?

  [email protected] 12:54 21 May 2007

thats an odd one, can you manually change them in bios?

  jackthelad71 13:02 21 May 2007

adman I tried in the bios but though I found
the Momory I couldnt get the thing to open?

  [email protected] 13:29 21 May 2007

my cpu upgrade was similar, a friend did something with the battery on the motherboard which sorted it, but im completely out of my depth now, hopefully someone else can help. this post will bump the thread for you.
good luck

  keef66 13:39 21 May 2007

If I remember correctly, in my bios the memory speed is set automatically (by spd) rather than manually.

However, if you can't get into the memory bit of the bios, you're stumped there.

How many memory slots do you have?
Are the new ones in the same slots as the old? What's the max memory your mobo supports?
Maybe you need a bios update to allow it to recognise 2 gigs?

  jackthelad71 20:25 21 May 2007

keef66, i have 4 slots two already had 512MB
Pc3200 and 400 MHz I have installed two PC3200
1GB DDR400. they all are showing as 3.00GB in the system. but show as DDR333. Crucial sugest the original two may be the reason. Are 400MHz and
DDR 400 the same thing? I am new to this. Jack.

  keef66 12:29 22 May 2007

It's called DDR400 because the memory operates at 200mhz but the double data rate (DDR) makes it effectively 400mhz. PC3200 is the same thing described in terms of it's memory bandwidth of 3.2 Gbit/s.

So DDR400 = PC3200.

What happens if you take out the original 2 x 512mb modules? Is the new stuff correctly identified in terms of size and speed? (that will test Crucial's theory)

What's the make / model of your pc? Or preferably, what's your motherboard? (There may be limits in terms of how much memory it can run at what speed)

Alternatively it may be because the old and new memory have different timings and it's having to drop the fsb speed to get them to work together

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