Adding new Hard Drive

  Elkopop 21:50 01 Sep 2006

Have added 160gb internal hard drive as existing 18gb is full. When I right click on my computer and click on disk management the computer management screen shows the c drive as healthy system disk 0. New drive shows as disk 1 in three sections. The first is 31.25 gb healthy but "unknown partition", the second is 256mb Healthy but unknown partition both of these are shown under as primary partition (under blue bar). The third is under a black bar as unallocated 121.88gb.I am getting confused by the different partions etc you can construct, I simply want to name the new drive G, format it ntfs like the 18gb one then just leave the windows operating programs on the 18gb one as master and making the 160gb one the slave. Does this sound ok or too simple. The 18gb drive only appears to be in one partition whereas the new 160gb one is already in 3 as mentioned above.

  ed-0 22:19 01 Sep 2006

In disk management. Right click, in turn, each segment of the new 160GB hard drive. Pick the option dlete logical drive for each.

You should then have one section of unallocated space.

If you then right click this, you can then pick create new partition, this will start the new partitio wizard.

If you get that far, post back for final details.

  terryf 05:46 02 Sep 2006

If and when you get the new drive working, I suggest that you create new folders that are the equivalent to My docs, My Pics, etc and save all your data to the new drive when you 'Save' or 'Save As'. If you then backup your C drive using Acronis you won't lose all your data if you do a restore

  Elkopop 15:10 02 Sep 2006

Hi ed-0 and terryf, thanks for info, have now got one section of unallocated space, what do you suggest next.

  ed-0 19:29 02 Sep 2006

Thats good.

Right click the unallocated space and pick new partition.

This will start the wizard click here

Pick next, then click here primary partition

Pick the default size click here it should be the full size of the hard drive

Pick the drive letter you want for the drive click here use the drop down box to change.

This window gives you the file type, for that size it will have to be NTFS click here Put a tick in the box for a quick format. That stops windows scanning the drive for errors and will cut time down from minutes to seconds.

pick finish click here and watch the drive bar, in the top, format the drive.

  Elkopop 10:04 03 Sep 2006

Thanks Ed0, seems so simple when you are told how, instead of wondering can you undo any wrong choices you may make. I just wish to leave the windows operating files on the old drive, is the easiest way just to work down windows explorer transferring from the C to the new E drive?.Thanks

  ed-0 10:50 03 Sep 2006

" I just wish to leave the windows operating files on the old drive, is the easiest way just to work down windows explorer transferring from the C to the new E drive?. "

With some, but not all.

transfer all your photos/ music / documents to folders on the new drive. this way.

You can transfer some of the programmes, but you would need to un-install them and re-install the file path to the new drive, they will still place part of the programme on the C drive. Some programmes will refuse to be installed on any drive except the C drive.

To free up space on the C drive, if thats what you're after, alter system restore for that drive.

Control panel > system > system restore > Highlight C drive > settings and move the slider down to around 750Mb. This should free up around 1Gb of space.

It may then be worth doing a clean up of the C drive.

For that you would be better starting a new thread and explaining the situation. that you want to clean the drive of clutter.

  Elkopop 12:45 03 Sep 2006

Thanks again Ed0 for all your help

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