Adding a new hard disc

  Haggie 23:27 26 Apr 2003

need ya thoughts on how easy it is.
i have fitted cdrw to an older machine with ease & am presuming a second Hard Disc would be of similiar process & hardness.

  MAJ 23:32 26 Apr 2003

It's just about the same, Haggie. You might have to set the BIOS to detect the drive, but mostly it's already set. If the PC is old, make sure your BIOS detects a large drive, if the new drive is a large one.

  zanwalk 23:33 26 Apr 2003

It's not difficult, just remember that you have to fdisk and format the new drive before use.

  Haggie 16:59 27 Apr 2003

how old would an old PC be these days? mine is about 3 yrs old PIII. & how big is a big h/d? I've downloaded the manual for me mobo & looked through the bios but i cannae find anything about large drives.
any ideas as to where i will find it? mobo has Ami Bios on an MSI 6156BX board.

  rickf 19:05 27 Apr 2003

What Os are you using. If 98se remember to set it to recognise large drive during set up.

  Rayuk 19:48 27 Apr 2003

If you are adding it as a second drive dont forget to change the jumpers on whichever is the slave

  alan_blue 00:31 28 Apr 2003

If you buy a seagate hard drive, then load down the disk wizard ,it virtualy does it all for you.I did it myself today with no problems.good luck.

  alan_blue 00:37 28 Apr 2003

my system is also about three years old an amd k62 500 mb i installed a 60 gig hard drive .

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