adding music to a webpage

  daisy2bell 10:01 28 Dec 2006

Is it possible to add music to a webpage, so that when visitors come to my page the music starts automaticaly.
I am using frontpage.
Any help greatly apreciated

  anchor 14:09 28 Dec 2006

Yes, it is easy. Open Front Page, then either open an existing file, or create a new one. In design mode, click on format in the top tool bar, then select background. click on "general".

There you will see a section for background sound. Browse for the location of your sound file, and click on it. Choose if you want it to play once, or forever. Remember to check the code to ensure that the file source does not refer back to the folder on your PC, (which it will do in Front Page).

Remember, a midi file is best because it is much smaller than a wave.

Have a look at an example of mine.

click here

  anchor 14:12 28 Dec 2006

I meant to give you two examples; here is the second:

click here

  daisy2bell 15:00 28 Dec 2006

Thanks anchor.
Actualy quite simple.
When you said; "Remember to check the code to ensure that the file source does not refer back to the folder on your PC"

Do I have to upload the mp3 file together with the webpage to my server?

  anchor 16:19 28 Dec 2006

Yes, you must upload the audio file together with the webpage, (and they must be in the same folder on the server).

When you insert music into Front Page, you will have a code like this;(assuming your music file is in C:/temp and called music.mp3)

<bgsound src="file:///C:/Temp/music.mp3" loop="-1">

You need to change the code to:

<bgsound src="music.mp3" loop="-1">

You refer to mp3 files; do remember that they can be very large indeed. For those people on ordinary dial-up, it can take a long time to download.

Compare these two similar pages; this one using a midi file of 30kb

click here

and this one an mp3 file of 532kb

click here

If you have fast broadband you won`t notice the difference, but anyone on dial-up will.

click here

That`s why I prefer to mostly use midi files.

  anchor 16:21 28 Dec 2006

Sorry, I gave the mp3 link twice; ignore the third "click here".

  daisy2bell 16:33 28 Dec 2006

Thanks anchor.
I've changed it now to a midi file, and it plays the moment the webpage opens

Thanks again

  anchor 16:49 28 Dec 2006

Glad to have been of help.

For future reference a good midi search engine is:

click here

  daisy2bell 17:35 28 Dec 2006

thanks for the link

  PurplePenny 20:30 28 Dec 2006

Music that starts as soon as the page loads can be off putting to some visitors, especially if there is no way to turn it off. A lot of people don't like to have someone else's choice of music thrust upon them.

Also, I believe that it is not good for people with cognitive disorders as they may not know where the sound is coming from.

  anchor 17:48 30 Dec 2006

PurplePenny: I have great respect for you, and your expertise in web page construction.

However, I would suggest that there are certain times when music enhances the effect of the page, especially for a picture. I consider that the Spanish guitar solo with my picture of the Alhambra, creates an atmosphere befitting the image.

click here

Similarly, I think in the personal Xmas page I made for my friend, (who is a monk in California), is enhanced by the choir.

click here

As they say, horses for courses.

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