Adding MS Office + upping Win 98 to Win 2000 Pro

  DavyK 20:56 14 May 2003

I recently got a larger hard disk and was advised by the technician to upgrade my MS Windows 98 to
MS Windows 2000 Pro AND also buy MS Office. But
retailers list a zillion grades and varieties of MS Office! Which one should I get to best match with my Windows 2000 Professional? Or in light of the following, do I need MS Office at all?

I'm a freelance German-to-English translator. I have a technical background but use mathematics sparingly; most translation is literary. I never
play games, but download and listen to music. I
have a compendious list of e-mail correspondents,
using Outlook Express. I surf the Web extensively
with Internet Explorer. I work with charts, diagrams, and often with colour photos, using a
Scanner and several colour programs. I'd be grateful for any and all expert advice.

  VoG™ 21:02 14 May 2003

MS Office Standard includes:

Word - word processing.

Excel - fully featured spreadsheet

Powerpoint - presentation package

Outlook - handles e-mail, contacts, calendar, to-do list etc.

From what you say, you only need Word and possibly a basic spreadsheet. In which case you would be better of woth MS Works which has Word, a spreadsheet and various other bits and bobs. And it's cheaper than Office.

Alternatively what about Open Office (free) click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:10 14 May 2003

Agree with VoG™, you only need basic word processing and the free ones are just as good as you really need to go to 2000? having said he above Outlook is a superb contact manager bu if you are happy with Express. If you feel that Office is needed go for the basic, there is not a lot of differnce in the Pro verion except for the price. ;-))


  wee eddie 22:31 14 May 2003

Nothing seriously wrong with W98'se.

You could use Open Office or Ability. Both very capable office suites and cost peanuts.

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