Adding more ram help??

  Mick54 10:20 05 Apr 2008

Hiya, My system is as follows, Pentium4 cpu 2.4GHz, mobo is AS Rock 82865G/PE/P, at present I have 768mb of ram installed. I have had one pc or another for over ten years but many aspects are still way over my head. That is where the experts come in, namely you. I have run Sisoft Sandra and as far as I can tell the ram installed runs at 2.6v and is Ecc/Parity. Igot an e-mail from e-buyer and most of the memory for sale is non ecc. I do not know what this means. I know it is not simply a matter of plugging in extra memory sticks and expecting my pc to recognise it. But what can I buy and what do I need to do to install it ? If it means going into the bios, I will have to take it to the chap who built it. Can you be of any help? Many Thanx Mick.

  Quiller. 11:08 05 Apr 2008

Run cpu-z. click here It's a free program and it will tell you every thing about the memory you have installed.

Post the details back here. Then we can match what ram you need.

  Forum Editor 11:12 05 Apr 2008

that you click here and download the free memory analyser.

Crucial - which is without doubt the best memory retailer on the planet - will tell you precisely which RAM modules to buy, and will offer you some options in terms of size and price. Everything the company offers you is gusranteed to be compatible with your motherboard.

You needn't worry about the download, by the way - it's perfectly safe, and will tell you what you need to know.

  Quiller. 11:18 05 Apr 2008

You should have just 2 slots on your motherboard. So if you are going to increase the ram significantly, you will have to disgard both sticks of memory. So the ECC will not matter if it's mixed.

The motherboard is dual channel, so buy the memory in a pair.

  morris948 11:50 05 Apr 2008

forum editor is right, i have brought memory from them on many occasions using their system analyzer, and everything works 100%,
well worth it.

  DieSse 11:54 05 Apr 2008

It's unlikely that you've got ECC or Parity RAM, as this motherboard appears to have no BIOS settings to use it.

click here

However - if you're looking for better performance, and you haven't yet fitted a separate graphics card (the board has integrated graphics) - then this would be a better way.

768MB is actually quite good for running XP, unless you want to run games - and a better graphics card may improve games more for that.

You'll also see that quiller is correct - the board has two RAM slots and dual channel too - to get the benefits of dual channel, you need to fit two matching RAM modules.

Are you sure you don't have more RAM, and that some has been allocated to the on-board graphics?

  sunny staines 13:38 05 Apr 2008

if the crucial site cannot read your pc, sometimes happens.
try free "pcwizard2008" its like sisoftsandra but i find it much better to use

  Mick54 13:39 05 Apr 2008

Many thanx for your replies. The site suggested by the forum editor is excellent. To answer one of the other questions I do have a Nvidia g force 4400ti graphics card installed. Well done everyone. Many Thanx Mick.

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