Adding more RAM

  Farleyjim 15:12 07 Dec 2006

I have just decided to upgrade my RAM from two sticks of 256MHz(512Mhz total) to 1.5GHz by adding a new 1GHz.I was careful to buy the same speed ie DDR-400MHz PC3200. When I fitted the new 1GHz module into the motherboard(ECS 648FX), the PC went ape. I took the 1GHz out and the system started normally again, after telling me that it had receovered from a serious error. I then took out the two 256GHz modules and left just the 1Ghz in there. This too worked OK. I then added one of the 256MHz and that was OK but when I added the second one, the PC rejected that again.However,I was quite keen to have all three installed. At present I have one 256MHz strip and one 1GHz strip fitted and that seems OK. Am I stuck with just these two or am I doing something in the wrong order?

  Gongoozler 16:03 07 Dec 2006

I think your question is answered here click here

  Farleyjim 16:40 07 Dec 2006

Thanks Gongoozler. It does seem quite involved but I'll wait to see how it goes with m 1.25Ghz before I do anything else. It has improved noticeably since I've gone from 512MHz to 1.25GHz
Many thanks.

  spacecadet 16:57 07 Dec 2006

hi not sure wether im reading this correctly but check the link it seems to suggest if you use 2 sticks use one type of ram and if using 3 sticks another?
click here

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