Adding memory by chance

  Chissy 23:49 06 Apr 2008

I have 2 lots off different memory sticks I have kept from old pcs. My neighbour has been given a new 9for her) computer and I am toying with trying out these sticks for her to give her some more memory.
I cannot remember the full spec of these sticks. Can I do any damage by trying these out for her I wonder? Or should I leave well alone and advise her to go down the online Crucial test for example?

many thanks for any help/advice.

  DieSse 23:59 06 Apr 2008

If they are definitely the right physical size to fit her system, you can try them out without doing damage. But you may still have wrong types, wrong speeds etc.

Use something like click here to identify RAM types - and many other things.

Remember - very important - before moving any parts inside, remove the power cable. Simply switching off the PC in the normal way is not enough, as there is still power left on the motherboard.

  Jim_F 00:04 07 Apr 2008

If its exactly the same form factor the it 'should' be OK but I wouldn't go there as speed and timings can vary wildly so what can appear to work at first can cause unexplained failures in the long term.

If you really want to try it out then google on the numbers on the chips and compare with the modo specs.

Otherwise Kinsstone offer fairly cheap memory matched to specific motherboards on their web site click here

  Jim_F 00:11 07 Apr 2008

Still typing when DieSse replied but good point about the power - and if its a laptop that includes the battery.

And meant to type Kingston :)

  Chissy 09:33 07 Apr 2008

Thanks for the very helpful input folks. I'm taking your advice and will research what I can before even thinking of adding them to her computer. Much obliged for the help.

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