Adding memory

  exdragon 16:41 30 Dec 2007

Hi - is there a way of telling exactly what kind of memory I have without looking inside the pc?

I've done the Crucial scan, but it tells me I have 2 banks of 8192 MB, obviously wrong!

When I check in System Information, it says Total physical memory 16384.00 MB, Available PM 1.26 GB, Total virtual memory 2.00 GB, Available VM 1.96 GB.

I guess something went wrong when the machine was built? I now want to add another GB (I understand XP can only see up to 3 GB) but don't know how to find out what kind I should get.


  MCE2K5 16:48 30 Dec 2007

Download this, PC Wizard 2008.1.81, From, click here

  johnnyrocker 16:54 30 Dec 2007

might you have misread the scan info as the system info adds up to the crucial figures and may be arranged as crucial say?


  wee eddie 17:00 30 Dec 2007

I can see no reason why Crucial should be wrong, after all it seems to agree with your System Information.

What do they recommend?

  exdragon 17:08 30 Dec 2007

johnnyrocker and wee eddie: I guess the Crucial scan has just picked up what the system says, but it's got to be wrong, hasn't it, as it's quoting 16 GB? Crucial also says it doesn't have any compatible upgrades for my particular system.

MCE2K5: thanks - I downloaded it, ran it and it tells me I have 2 GB of DDR SRRAM, which is great as the other half has 4 GB of the same, but if XP can only use 3, that means he can let me have his 'extra' one, doesn't it!

  exdragon 17:09 30 Dec 2007

That's DDR SDRAM, of course

  johnnyrocker 17:14 30 Dec 2007

when i went to school 8192MB X 2 = 1.6 gig?


  cream. 17:24 30 Dec 2007

No thats 16.384Gig of ram.

  cream. 17:26 30 Dec 2007

Run cpu-z click here It's free:-)

  johnnyrocker 17:27 30 Dec 2007

oops, take your word for it, which might explain lack of qualifications;(


  exdragon 17:29 30 Dec 2007

Maybe I've got it wrong - I used a converter which gave 8192 meg as 8 gig... Or have I got totally confused? (it's very easy!)

Also, the Crucial site lists DDR (of various types) and also SDRAM (the latter works out at £172 per gig) but not DDR SDRAM.

I think I've lost the will to live!

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