adding laptop to PC

  rnsa 20:13 03 Jun 2011

I have a PC but my wife is about to receive a new Laptop. Can we use my present ISP on it ? I so, how ? If not, do I need to use another ISP on the laptop. I've forgotten how I got my present provider so how do I get a new one. Be grateful for any help. David Nichols.

  gengiscant 08:40 04 Jun 2011

Your wife's new PC will be able to share your internet connection, I am assuming broadband, either wirelessly or via an Ethernet cable. Get in touch with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) either via the phone or visit their website, where should find instructions on how to add another PC to your connection.

If you post your ISP name I will have a look for the help pages and post back.

  ventanas 11:36 04 Jun 2011

Assuming Win 7 and you have a wireless connection, just turn it on and go to bottom right of screen and click on the wireless network icon, it will give you the networks available, select yours and enter your passphrase or code and click connect - simple as that. The code should be on the bottom of the router or with the dolcumentation that came with it.

  onthelimit1 17:28 04 Jun 2011

If you find out your router is not a wireless one, ask your ISP for one. They will (probably) ask you to pay - suggest you'll change to another if they don't - they will almost certainly give way and give you one.

  onthelimit1 17:29 04 Jun 2011

'you'll change to another '

by that I meant another ISP.

  rnsa 20:01 04 Jun 2011

gengiscant,ventanas,onthelimit1, Thank you all for your interest and efforts to help me. I should have also told you that whilst I use Windows XP, my wife's laptop will have Windows 7.

My present provider is I have looked at their web site but can find no direct help,so any further assistance from one or all of you would be thankfully received. David nichols

  gengiscant 09:34 05 Jun 2011

What operating system your wife's PC has really does not matter. Looking on 'Talktalks' website I found plenty of help pages. Have a look here: Talktalk

  Strawballs 17:39 05 Jun 2011

Do you have a modem or Modem/Router?

  onthelimit1 10:07 06 Jun 2011

Let us know the make and model of the router you use.

  rnsa 13:59 06 Jun 2011

I have a TalkTalk router. My impression is that I can disconnect the router from my PC, and then connect it to the laptop. Is that correct,and if it is, how can I use my PC at the same time as my wife is using the laptop ?

  onthelimit1 15:17 06 Jun 2011

What make is the TalkTalk router? On most, you can connect up to 4 PCs/Laptops by ethernet cable and as many (within reason) by wireless as well. If what you have a is a modem, you would have to do as you say. Come back with make and model. You can have a look at the rear to see what sort, and how many sockets there are as well. If it is a modem, try doing what I suggested on 4Jun at 5:28.

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