adding ipaq to wi-fi network

  The BB 15:01 31 Jul 2005

Have a Netgear wireless router that was just running 'g' with SSID broadcst turned off and specified MAC for wireless access.

Just got an rx3715 and want to connect in.
Have downrated to 'b&g' - OK

Entered my WEP 128 key (running W2K elsewhere so can't use WPA)

Can't find a MAC on the ipaq that Netgear will accept so had to turn off MAC filtering - help here would be appreciated

Can't connect to my network unless I broadcast my SSID - help here too please.



  recap 12:50 01 Aug 2005

At a command prompt type the following, noting the space after ipconfig:

ipconfig /all

This should give you the physical (MAC) address of your network card.

  The BB 15:08 01 Aug 2005

Unfortunatley not on an ipaq...

  De Marcus™ 15:32 01 Aug 2005

Try Start/Settings/System/HP Asset Viewer/WiFi

  De Marcus™ 15:35 01 Aug 2005

Find the iPAQ Mac address
1. Select ‘Start’
2. Select ‘Settings’
3. Select the ‘System’ tab at the bottom of the screen
4. Select ‘Asset Viewer’
5. Select the plus sign to the left of ‘Wireless LAN’
Note: the 12 character Mac address is displayed.
6. Carefully note down the Mac address
7. Select OK at the top right of the screen
8. Close down the screen using the cross in top right hand corner

  The BB 16:40 01 Aug 2005

De Marcus

Magnifico - got MAC address, will put filtering back on my network.

Second part - any idea why I have to broadcast the SSID for the rx3715 to find it?

  De Marcus™ 19:20 01 Aug 2005

I don't.

I don't even own an ipaq but I can assure you that broadcasting your ssid won't open you to any kind of attack, it will simply register the name of the network to anyone nearby, as you have wep encryption and mac address filtering on there's no chance they're getting in anyway, regardless of the fact they might know your network name(unlikely they'd want to anyway).

  The BB 22:51 01 Aug 2005

Hopefully true, but I like to use belt and braces and if people can't see it they can't try and play with it...
Thanks for your help, I'll leave this thread open for a couple of weeks as its holiday season.

  De Marcus™ 10:17 03 Aug 2005

I've been doing a little digging in and around the hp ipaq forums and elsewhere and there seems to be a consensus among members that broadcasting the ssid is a requirement for the ipaq to connect. However there would also seem to be a minority who say it isn't and give instructions (vague) on how to set the ipaq up without broadcasting your ssid click here

Another suggestion I found:

Manually entering the ssid on some ipaqs should be entered in upper case (try lower first)

  The BB 14:12 04 Aug 2005

De Marcus

Thanks - I'll follow up after my hols so will close this thread. With your MAC pointer at least it is fairly secure so many thanks

The BB

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