Adding Hardware in XP

  Agent Smith 08:59 01 Jul 2003

Before I go off to help a friend in need, I need to know a bit about XP. His sound card no longer works and his PC is only weeks old. He accidentally downloaded some diallers from a couple of dodgy sites and when getting rid of them somehow unloaded his sound card drivers or otherwise fouled it up. What I would like to know is, are the processes for adding hardware or updating drivers etc similar to Windows 9x. Thanks in advance, Bob.

  stuntmaster 09:17 01 Jul 2003

Well I Can tell you that adding hardware is similar to that of windows 9x but in XP there is an option if you look at any device to "Roll Back Driver" if the card exists and those dogy dialers might have updated the drivers to some dogy one that does not work.
failing that DO NOT USE SYSTEM RESTORE as i have found it makes life worse (in XP anyway) just remove the cards drivers and pull out the sound card (suggesting it is not onboard if it is then simply remove drivers) and plug it in again bott the system up and it should detect the card and you have to tell it where the drivers are like X:\drivers\winxp (something like that x being your CD drive letter mine is Q)

i hope this helps!

from stuntmaster. (ben)

  Agent Smith 10:05 01 Jul 2003

Thanks Ben much appreciated.

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