Adding a guest to my LAN

  Philup 12:06 31 Jan 2004

I have a LAN with one of the PCs hooked up to broadband and the other (2) able to share the broadband access. Can I let a guest plug into the LAN and have broadband access to the web and their ISP for e mails but avoid them being able to share the shared access files currently available between my own PCs? How do I do it?

  vinnyo123 04:27 01 Feb 2004

yes they can join your LAN.
They can join by plugging into one of your ports on your (router,switch,hub)you didn't state how your topology is set up.You just have to configure there network properties with your IP
class range(LAN) example 192.x.x.x and subnet and default gateway,DNS servers(or if you have a DHCP server set it to obtain IP auto.).As for them using there ISP for mail it depends on who there ISP is .Some don't let customers get there mail if there on another network(they can tell from your WAN IP.Unless there ISP has web access.Also for sharing folders from your other PC's your gonna have to tell use what OS's you have on your LAN.

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  Philup 14:18 01 Feb 2004

Thankds for that - I'm happy with plugging them in to my LAN through a spare port on my switch and fairly happy with configuring them. If their ISP doesn't give them access to their e mails via my LAN then they'll have to get a hotmail address or switch ISPs. My cocern is preventing my 3 PCs from accessing the guest PC and preventing the guest PC sharing the files on my network. Any further thoughts - 1 pc and 1 laptop on the LAN have XP Home and the other PC has 98SE and the LAN has Netgear Firstgear network configuration

  vinnyo123 03:50 02 Feb 2004

I would just not let them join your workgroup.(domain)

  Philup 08:29 02 Feb 2004

So, I can have 2 or presumably more work groups - but a single 'guest' can get access to the physical facilities, i.e. the LAN and broadband modem that is attached to one of my workgroup PCs, without accessing the the files and fo;ders on any of my workgroup PCs? I'll try that during this week - thanks. Fingers crossed.

  vinnyo123 16:32 02 Feb 2004

just configure guest's TCP/IP properties to gain access to WAN but don't add them to your workgroup.Then guest will not be able to veiw your shared folders.

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