Adding folder to Windows XP start menu.

  AcidBurn7uk 23:39 16 Jun 2004

Hi all. I was just wondering, how do you add your own folders to the WinXP start menu. I want to place a shortcut to a folder above/below/inbetween the default My Docs, My Music, My Videos and My Computer Links, for one click aceess.

Any help is appreciated, cheers,

  Dan the Confused 23:50 16 Jun 2004

In Win98 it's START>SETTINGS>TASKBAR AND START MENU then START MENU PROGRAMS tab and click ADVANCED. You can then adjust the start menu items as you like.

Of course, this may be different on XP...

  SANTOS7 00:06 17 Jun 2004

in xp i think you have to use the classic start menu you then have an option under the customise button to add/remove items, in the other menu config you can drag files accross that will sit on the left side of the menu, hope this helps

  woodchip 00:16 17 Jun 2004

Just right click on Start then click open, double click programs right click in window choose create new folder put what ever name you want to the folder close all windows down till you are back to desktop you can now just drag a shortcut into it or right click a program .exe file and drag to the folder then choose create shortcut

  woodchip 00:18 17 Jun 2004

If you just want a shortcut on the start just drag to start and up to where you want to put it

  AcidBurn7uk 00:45 17 Jun 2004

woodchip - right sort of idea. I really would like it if ot was with the my computer, documents etc icons. It's just a habbit of goin right for folders and left for progs. I can cope with it for now and probably breaks the habbit, but if anybody know how to get it where I want it let me know please.

  SANTOS7 00:49 17 Jun 2004

if you use the drag/drop option they will only go on left

  SANTOS7 00:52 17 Jun 2004

found this may help,good luck

As far as I know you can't add items to the section where the My Pictures and My Music folders are displayed. It is possible to add an item below Run and you can replace items displayed in the other sections. That "Set program access and defaults" added by one of the Windows updates is a good canditate for that. In fact I downloaded it just to replace it.

A regfile to add an item below Run would look like

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

@="My Videos"
"InfoTip"="whatever you like"

@="Path\\to your\\icon\\using backslashes"

"Command"="My Videos"
"Param1"="C:\\Documents and Settings\\user\\My Documents\\My Videos"

Adjust the parts in red. Always remember to use double backslashes for path values in reg files.
Instead of the path to a folder you can also put a web address there or the path to an application.

If you want to replace items. The registry path to the above mentioned "Set program access..." (it will be still accessible in the all programs menu and in Control Panel) is

Export the keys first before you change them, just in case something goes wrong or you change your mind.

  woodchip 15:38 17 Jun 2004

Go into Explorer and find the folder "documents and Settings"\your Name\Click the Documents folder then in the right columb right click and create a new folder and put a name to it. then when you open My Documents on desktop the folder will be there, you can drag any shortcut on the desktop or in the programs into that folder and it will work

  AcidBurn7uk 23:28 17 Jun 2004

I am always wary about editing the registry so I think I will give that a miss for now, thanks anyway. For now I have just pinned the folder to the taskbar, yes it appears on the left but I guess I will just have to get used to it for now. Next time I do a re-install of windows though maybe I can try that before I do, that way if it goes wrong, I will be re-installing windows to remedy that! Thanks all for your help - greatyl appreciated.

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