Adding extra memory

  Mike 18:35 27 Jul 2005

I have looked through all the memory problem posted here but my problem has not been disscused before. I have 256 mb of ram on my computer and tried installing an extra 256 from an old computer that has just been replaced at home.(the 2 sticks of memory are identical, the two machines were puchased from the same place at about the same time both PC133) When I tried to boot up nothing happened just the first screen shot stating processor checked then checking memory, and that is it, nothing else happens. I tried taking out the memory I had just put in. but the same thing happened.The computer was behaving its self perfectly before I messed around with it. I am at a loss as to what to do, can any one help please.
Regards Mike

  Batch 18:38 27 Jul 2005

You could try just putting each memory bank in, in turn and see if it works with either of them.

If still no joy, you may have dislodged something accidentally, or, even worse, not earthed yourself when fitting the memory and static from your body has damaged the memory or something else.

  Mike 11:41 29 Jul 2005

Thanks Batch for your suggestion, but still had no joy. So I took it to a local repair shop, and you'll never guess what the problem was. The modem was stopping the memory being reconized, she said it was the electrical storms we had recently that probably caused the problem. But why it should have shown up when I put the second stick of memory in I just don't know. Any way all is ok now, this might be help full to some one else. Something to learn, Pull out your telephone cable when there is a thunder storm around.


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