Adding Extra Hard Disk Drives

  JoWragg 17:20 18 Jul 2005

I would like to add a couple of extra hard disk drives to my PC, one to store all of the music & photos etc. & one for my children to use, so that they do not mess up my work!

My motherboard has 2 IDE HArd disk connectors and 2 SATA connectors.

a)can I add 2 extra hard drives? or do I have to use either 2 IDE OR 2 SATA.

Can I set it up to start up from one drive as a default but select a different drive if needed? how?

Any tips, advice help etc would be most gratefully received.

Thanks in advance

Jo Wragg

  Diemmess 17:48 18 Jul 2005

You can add either, bearing in mind that if internal they will add to current loading on your PSU and you must leave enough connections for any CD device you have.

In view of your child v adult usage problem, why not spend a bit more and buy two kits of external HDs in USB cages. One for you and one for your children. The USB container is not all that expensive and you can pop any HDD of your choice inside. Also, you can use either at any one time, you don't need both at once.

Finally, if your eldest has reached an age of double figures you won't avoid the "experimental" troubles that he/she will surely cause sooner or later to the O/S which I assume you will leave on the first fixed HD!

  goonerbill © ® 17:52 18 Jul 2005

you can just install 2 SATA drives and have them run independantly not raided or if you have a spare slot or 2 on the IDE channals you could just a drives to these.

list back what your make of motherboard is and what you have connected to the IDE channels ie: h/d cd etc: and people will be able to give a better opinion on what to do.

  DieSse 18:05 18 Jul 2005

You could also run internal caddies (I do this) - one for your children, one for you. You just unplug your unit - plug in theirs - and never the twain shall mix.

A third drive for media could also be in an external of internal caddy

  DieSse 18:06 18 Jul 2005

PS - for internal caddies get alumnium ones with fans - keep the drives much cooler.

You can get IDE and/or SATA caddies.

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