Adding External Hard Drive

  Zebrapec 18:10 10 Jul 2006

When HD's were very small, i.e. 6gig, 10gig, etc.
there use to be a big debate about how big you could increase the size of your HD. Now it seems there is no limit, (or is there?) even if you have a HD of say 250gig you can just plug another 100gig into your USB port. What was the factor holding back the increase then?

  ezypcy 18:19 10 Jul 2006

Common sense.
No need ;when you can use CD's and DVD's for a safer
storage.Most surfers can get away with 10Gbs or less.

PCWorld hype.
Large hard drive usually hold massive illegal
downloads of music and films....mmmmm.

  anskyber 18:34 10 Jul 2006

I have a large HD with my photographs on it. (also backed up) No illegal downloads though in spite of ezypcy rather sweeping and ill informed remarks.

  wee eddie 18:36 10 Jul 2006

External HDDs appear to come with sizes ranging from 60GB to 300GB.

If you use an MP3 Player, a digital camera and/or a video camera, and have one of these Media Centre thingies. GBs stack-up like pies at a Football game!

  dogbreath1 20:59 10 Jul 2006

I've got total storage capacity of 580GB....but don't tell ezypcy!! Otherwise it will be pins in effigy time!!!

  ezypcy 21:23 10 Jul 2006

Nothing against jumbo hdd's but don't you just love
it when it gives up the ghost and there is no back-up
to be found?
Reasons, due to no back-up systems put in

Vaguely remember a tv show which showed some sad
people who were addicted to collecting everything and
any old bits of rubbish.The result was that they
lived in a massive tip and could'nt find anything.

Maybe it's akin to the 'big mac' syndrome.Glad I
did'nt mention the U.S.

  terryf 21:27 10 Jul 2006

But some of us have jumbo hd's and also jumbo backups and also use acronis which compresses the data (which includes large amounts of pictures). I think you are just jealous with your 10gb hard drive :-)

  wee eddie 21:35 10 Jul 2006

an External HDD should only be part of a Back-up System. It has many advantages over Disks, not the least being the ability to do a full system back-up to a single Target.

  dogbreath1 21:49 10 Jul 2006

For the record.


160GB EXT HDD (Full Disc Image)

300GB EXT HDD (Second Facsimile Full Disc Image)

You can't be too careful, can you??!!

  ezypcy 21:51 10 Jul 2006

It's what you do with it that

Wee man you're right ,a great many people bought
Encyclopædia Britannica!!But how many used it?

  woodchip 22:02 10 Jul 2006

No one as answered the question asked. What was the factor holding back the increase then?. ON DISC SIZES.

The factor was technology had not advanced far enough at that time both in Hardware or windows and Bios to Recognise and create the drives.

PS BIOS is only software held in what is a CMOS chip, BIOS is the combination of little programs that store, and recognise, and setup, Hardware to run at boot

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