Adding email address to Outlook Express

  Alf58 21:16 30 Jul 2010

I currently use Outlook Express and BT Yahoo for my email.Currently I receive email for my BT Yahoo adress in my BT Yahoo browser inbox and email for another address is received in Outlook Express.

I would like to configure Outlook Express to receive email for my BT Yahoo adress. I have begun the process but when I click on "accounts" then "add" it comes up with the email adress which is already working successfully in Outlook Express. I am concerned that if I type the new adress (BT Yahoo) over the top of it I will lose tha bility to receive email from that account. Can anyone help?

  northumbria61 21:22 30 Jul 2010

You should find something here - click here

  lotvic 23:10 30 Jul 2010

"accounts" then "add"
It won't delete the email address account when you alter it to add another new one. That address only comes up pre-filled in because it is your default email address. You will see that the next box will be blank waiting for you to put the server SMTP info in.

You will have to make sure that your BT yahoo address is POP3 or OE won't be able to collect it. Not sure if there might be an option on Mail Server Account when you are logged in via your Browser.
I know that new Yahoo free email addresses can't be collected in OE unless you do it with Ypops click here

  Alf58 21:35 31 Jul 2010

Thank you both for your replies. The matter is now resolved.

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