Adding drivers to floppy used in XP Re-install

  essexg 09:58 27 Jan 2008

I'm trying to re-install XP Home, and am having trouble loading the right drivers from floppy to get XP to recognise my hard drive.

I have have a MSI K7N2 Delta Series motherboard and have download drivers from their website onto a floppy (nvraid, nvatabus). Having included both of these as part of the install (via pressing F6) the XP installation still doesn't recongnise the HD.

Looking in device manager, I can see "WinXP Promise FastTrak 376/378 Controller" against RAID devices. I found a driver for this and have added the following 4 files to my floppy (, fasttx2k.inf, fasttx2k.sys, ptipbmf.dll). However, the XP installation process is not picking these up and listing them as a driver to be loaded, it still only shows nvraid and nvatabus.

Is there more I need to add so that XP will install them from floppy?

  ICF 10:27 27 Jan 2008

What kind of hard drive is it IDE SATA ?

  daxian 10:56 27 Jan 2008

hi essexg....
i was wondering if you got this problem sorted...
click here

firstly, going back to your first post,are you still trying to use the evesham recovery disk?

also in order to use the raid function you will need
2 or more drives of the same type i.e sata .
it wont work with one pata and one sata .


  essexg 20:41 27 Jan 2008

hi ICF and daxian

Yes it is a SATA drive, and just one is attached.
Yes it is the same problem as posted in the earlier thread.
Yes it is still the Evesham recovery disk.

I have posted a question to Evesham support, but they have not met their "we'll respond within two days" promise.

So of anyone out there knows how to get the XP install to recognise the drive, please should now!

  essexg 20:42 27 Jan 2008

That previous post should have ended..

.. please SHOUT now!

(wear's the spill chucker!)

  MAT ALAN 20:55 27 Jan 2008

i am not aufait with what you are trying to do BUT, and i am sure i am going to learn something here, why have you got raid drivers for ONE connected drive does that not create the issues you are having or am i reading the post wrong...

  brundle 21:02 27 Jan 2008

Did you download this driver and copy /all/ the files to the floppy? click here

  brundle 21:11 27 Jan 2008

And try the `Promise` driver set too at the bottom of the page

  daxian 22:55 27 Jan 2008

hi again essexg....
what is the sata drive speed i.e. sata 1 or 2 ...
according to the manual for this board it only supports sata 1 if you are using a sata 2 drive
could be why you are having problems ????
you can limit the speed of a sata 2 with a jumper to make it work on a sata 1 system ...just a thought .

  essexg 21:23 28 Jan 2008

Mat - to clarify. I am trying to both install a new HD and reinstall XP from scratch. Currently I have created an exact copy of my old drive on the new, and either will run when connected via SATA. My challenge is re-installing XP and getting it to detect the HD during the install.

bundle, daxian. The RAID driver is the one from the MSI site as per your link, and the jumper is set to limit it to 1.5 GB/s - this is how the drive came out of the box and I have checked the setting. I have not yet tried the Promise driver set as per brundle's second point.

  lotvic 23:26 28 Jan 2008

have you thought about copying the drivers you already have on your hard drives and putting them onto cd/floppy
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