Adding CD/RW when there's an existing DVD drive ?

  buffalow 12:55 01 Mar 2003

Got a Win 98 PC with DVD drive already fitted. I want to add a CD/RW drive I've been given to it.

Instructions with the CD/RW aren't very clear. I can see how to set the jumpers, but am not sure if I should make the CD/RW the slave to the DVD - or make the CD/RW the master and the DVD the slave ? will it affect the speed if they're the wrong way round ?

Also - the current DVD is mode 4 in the bios - should I set the bios for the new CD/RW to a specific mode ? or to automatic detection ?

Any other things which could cause a problem ?

Thanks in advance.

  MAJ 13:37 01 Mar 2003

Install the CDRW as the slave, it wont really matter and set the BIOS to Auto, if it isn't set to Auto already. Just check that the jumper is set correctly.

  billyliv 13:42 01 Mar 2003

Hi, Personally I would instal the CD/RW as Master with the DVD/ROM the slave. Cheers, Bill

  reddwarfcrew 13:48 01 Mar 2003

I've just done this for my Dad and set the CDRW to master, purley cos the DVD was already on the slave and the master wasn't being used.

My PC has the DVD as master and CDRW as slave as this was how Evesham set it up.

Personally i'd set it as whatever is free and see if you have problems. If you don't then great, if you do, then try swapping them around.

  -pops- 13:52 01 Mar 2003

You could, most likely, set them both to cable select and the computer would then sort it out for you.


  buffalow 16:02 01 Mar 2003

Don't think you're right about C/S with this PC ?

If you set both drives to "C/S" and then use them on a standard (non-cable-select) 40-conductor IDE/ATA cable, both drives will configure themselves as "master", causing a configuration conflict.

  Stuartli 16:37 01 Mar 2003

A Cable Select option needs a motherboard with this feature available.

The CD/DVD-ROM drive should be Slave, the rewriter Master and DMA should be enabled for both; if you have Nero, disable Auto Insert Notification for the CD/DVD-ROM drive as the software controls both drives.

  -pops- 16:47 01 Mar 2003

"Standard" IDE cables are 80 conductor nowadays, not 40 as yours may be.

Note that I did exercise some caution in my suggestion by putting "most likely" thus allowing for this eventuality.


  MAJ 16:53 01 Mar 2003

As you can see from the differing answers above, buffalow, it doesn't really matter which goes where, as long as you don't try to set it as Primary Master, of course.

  buffalow 16:21 02 Mar 2003

OH ****

Fitted it OK but just found that the ******* cheapskate makers only put 2 connection 40-pin IDE cables in when they built it - so I can't connect both DVD and CD/RW drives at the same time !

Where's the cheapest place to buy these online ?

- I've no PC shops within 25 miles of me !

  shifty 17:55 02 Mar 2003

I have a spare IDE cable with connections on for two drives, got it with a recently purchased CD writer and didn't need it.If its any good to you its yours if you e-mail me an address to send it to.

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