Added second hard drive as slave

  Toy 19:37 07 Sep 2007

My C drive was full so I added a second hard drive and I think I have set it as a slave. I have changed the pin settings on the back of the hard drive and set it as slave on the IDE cable. When i put the computer on it showed it as an "F" drive but how do I know if it is set as slave and is working as a slave. My "C" drive is showing as almost full so is it a case of it "switching" to the new drive by itself. I hope this make sense?


  thms 19:46 07 Sep 2007

Uf your drive is showing as 'F' then that is ok.
By "switching to the new drive by itself" are meaning that when your 'C' drive is full will it then use the 'F' drive. If so the answer is no.

You can move data from your 'C' drive to the 'F' drive to create more space on your main drive.
Doing this will speed up your computer.

  Toy 19:49 07 Sep 2007

What can I do then? I have a Pentium 3 450mhz 256 RAM and added Windows XP Home which took up the space on my C Drive. I have added a 10 Gig hard drive so should I put the new drive as master and re-load XP?

  thms 19:58 07 Sep 2007

What size was your original drive?
Are you sure that the new drive is 10GB?
That seems awfully small for a hard drive these days. Do you not mean 100GB.

  thms 20:13 07 Sep 2007

If you want to use your new drive as master,
Disconnect your 'C' drive and set new drive jumper to master format and clean install XP.

Set your old drive to slave and reconnect.
If do not have anything worth saving on your old drive format it and use as back up.

256 ram is the minimum for XP by the way.

Go to here and run system scan for new memory
click here

  Diemmess 20:33 07 Sep 2007

Underlining thms's comment.
10Gb is frankly barely worth fitting. If it was a gift then you can try, but it is becoming difficult to find new HDs < 80Gb and as much as you can afford will turn out to be worthwhile.

If XP is working well, then it may be better to stay with it on C:

Again as thms, move all data to the second drive.
Use downloaded freebies like CCleaner to clear out forgotten and redundant files.

Finally you can have the greatest effect on speed, by fitting more RAM. Even fitting another 250 will produce a real improvement
If you go to the Crucial website you can have your system scanned to identify which type of RAM will match your computer. They have an excellent reputation and guarantee.

  DrScott 20:36 07 Sep 2007

just ensure you install your new progs on the F drive, or shift all your documents onto that drive, and keep the C drive for the progs.

It's a whole lot easier to keep the OS on your C drive. If you really want to shift it over then you'll need software like Norton Ghost or Acronis DriveImage.

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