Added more memory - PC died!!??

  catman2000 13:59 03 Feb 2003

Hi all, i have a PC with two Hard disks, running Win XP with 512 DDR RAM, but i purchased another 512mb yesterday. However, i put the ram in, my motherboard supports up to 1GB, it seemed to recognise it on the front screen during the mem test, but the boot up just froze when that had finished.

I just rebooted and this time it got a little further before freezing, and so on a couple of times until it went all the way to the desktop but didnt load my icons and taskbar,i.e blank screen so i was unable to do anything.

I then tried just the new mem by myself, same happened, but worse than that, i then put my old memory in and the same thing happened again!!! In the end i had to reload windows as it seemed to lose the system itself. Can anyone tell me what happened and how to get around this? At the mo i running just the old memory only in the machine. Your help is appreciated.

  Lú-tzé 14:38 03 Feb 2003

Just a few queries:

1 - while your mobo supports 1gb RAM, what about your BIOS version - does it need upgrading?

2 - are you sure that you have the correct RAM? If you got it via Crucial's online selector, then contact them and you can return it if it is not suitable.

3 - does the new chip work ok alone - i.e. without the old one in?

4 - what is your mobo manufacturer / bios versions? - some mobos do have RAM issues.

  Bargee 15:00 03 Feb 2003

I've heard that XP won't let you upgrade anything without Microsoft's say so, but I thought you would have got booted and a display which would alert you to this. That's the reason I will NEVER upgrade my 98SE, can't think why the mags still keep promoting XP as the dog's. Best of.

  ellas 17:04 03 Feb 2003

at a guess the new memory maybe corrupted the bios,I hads the same thing happen with a pci card,its your choice but you could try the new ram again and if seem thing happens you know its dodgy memory

  Tog 19:12 03 Feb 2003

Are you sure you are pushing the memory cards fully home? It can require a very firm hand to seat the memory correctly. If the Mobo flexes, you may need to support it while you fit them.

  catman2000 19:38 03 Feb 2003

hi all, thanks for your responses. Firstly, slight error, the motherboard will accept up to 3GB of unbuffered DDR ram and 4GB of registered DDR ram not 1 as stated above (can anyone explain the difference!!??)

I have recently upgraded the bios to the latest version (release date 22/08/02), i got the ram from a computer fair, not crucial, the new chip doesnt work alone, although again, the mem test on startup recognises it(?) and my m/board is an ABIT KR7A non raid.

Finally, it definately went in ok.

Thanks for your help / suggestions!

  cassie75 20:34 03 Feb 2003

Then the RAM Stick is knackered, maybe static trouble!

  Lú-tzé 20:52 03 Feb 2003

As cassie75 says, the prob is with the stick of RAM. The basic mem test at startup is very basic and does not pick up on much in the way of errors. Does the original work ok now?

I know that crucial is not the cheapest around but has excellent after sales service.

As a matter of interest, how much did you pay for the RAM at the pc fair. I have seen 512 sticks of ddr going for £45 but was never willing to risk the money.

  catman2000 16:53 04 Feb 2003

Lú-tzé & cassie75

Thanks for your messages. I also think the prob lies with the ram, and have given up on it. I can change it so thats a good thing!!

The PC ha a few problems, so im starting again, FDISK is about to get a going over!!!!

For ref, i paid £60, where have you seen it so cheap??!!

  ellas 19:23 04 Feb 2003

not cheap if its dodgy.

  cassie75 08:26 08 Feb 2003

No probs. Hope it sorts out your problems.
For reference I always buy my own RAM frm Crucial, they are fantastic, and worth paying that bit extra for peace of mind!

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