Added 3rd fan & temp has gone up

  User-498DB432-30A7-4FC5-B65F3A4738DB7CB4 19:40 02 May 2003

As well as the CPU fan & original system fan, i further added an exhaust blower.

The system temp was around 29 degrees & CPU was 40 degrees.

I`ve just added another system fan & both temps have risen by 3 degrees.

is it possible that I have positioned the fans wrongly & they are blowing warm air against each other, therefore restricting the circulation?

  DieSse 20:02 02 May 2003

Air flow within an enclosed vented space, is a very touchy "science".

Check which way round you have set the fans, in case you have them both blowing air in!

Otherwise, since your original temps were not that poor, take the extra fan out.

  LastChip 20:05 02 May 2003

Cases are designed to promote a specific air flow. If your new fan is in the wrong position (within that design parameter), it is quite possible it will have an undesirable effect.

As far as whether it is mounted correctly or not, why not just temporarily turn it around, and see if your temperatures improve. Alternatively, you may have to re-site the fan.

  Djohn 20:06 02 May 2003

Yes, it is possible that you may have fitted the fan incorrectly.

An exhaust blower should in fact be drawing warm air out of the PC at the rear.

Where have you placed the new fan? If at the rear, then it too should be drawing air out, preferably from the top region of the PC. If at the front, then as low as poss. and drawing air into the PC.

If you Have too many fans, or incorrectly sited, it can be almost as bad as not having any at all. Normally your PSU fan, and CPU fan is all that is required, but if you do add more check to see they are in the best position and blowing/sucking in the right order. J.

  woodchip 20:18 02 May 2003

You have altered the flow of air and so made matters worse


I fixed all fans so they blew air in.

fixed now...thanks

  Mysticnas 22:19 04 May 2003

only today did i check my air flow in my PC. I had it built by a computer expert.
the case has 5Fans.
2 front bottom, 2rear top & 1 side suck hole!

also CPU fan, psu fan and AGP fans. anyway...

he's fixed the case fans the wrong way round. he set them up so the fans at the rear top were sucking air in, and the front bottom fans were blowing air out.

This caused problems. as my chieftec tower sits on my desktop and the just behind my desk is the radiator. Simply, the rear fans were sucking in hot air from over the radiator!!!

I found it difficult to tell which way the fans were blowing with just my hands. so i found it very useful to get a length of cotton thread, and hold it in front of the fan. that way you can see the direction of air flow.

anyway... i changed the fans round to the right way.


  hugh-265156 23:59 04 May 2003

lick your hand and then check it.

  hansol 17:45 05 May 2003

The most sensitive, easy, method to check the direction of airflow is to position a cigarette,or snuffed candle,in front of the fan - and observe the way the smoke is blown.
If you do this at a crack,or small aperture in the case,away from fans,it will indciate whether the case is pressurized or the reverse.

  wee eddie 18:39 05 May 2003

should be able to work out the out flow at the drop of a hat.

Normal flow is likely to be:

In - Bottom, preferably the front, but also at the rear (there is likely to be more dust at the rear)

Out - Top, Most likely at the rear rather than vertically.

Removal of air at the mid point is usually pretty pointless and illogical unless there are internal baffles to direct the internal airflow patterns.

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