User-178362 21:26 19 Sep 2005

When I have scanned and the beatle makes sounds saying New critical objects what do I do next? windows xp

  stalion 21:30 19 Sep 2005

delete the critical objects

  User-178362 21:36 19 Sep 2005

How do I delete? I cannot see delete. It shows me tracking cookies 22 objects, and MRU List 10 objects also I can OK it or Cancel

  stalion 21:48 19 Sep 2005

when the scan is completed click next mru's are nothing to worry about tick the box for tracking cookies then click next if items are quaratined you can hilight the quaratine listing and it will give you the option to delete

  User-178362 22:04 19 Sep 2005

I clicked in the box as you said. then I think I clicked OK. now I am back on the page where it keeps telling me how many removeable objects there are and I can click on start again, I keep repeating the same thing

  User-178362 22:05 19 Sep 2005

There is notheing in quarantine

  User-178362 22:07 19 Sep 2005

It does say objects removed. I think this is where I click on the red cross, to close.

  stalion 22:11 19 Sep 2005

when you click the box for removal you must click next not ok it will then give you the option to delete, if you want to check if the nasties have gone do another scan

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