Add printer to home network via router/server

  Shortstop 21:31 29 Dec 2006


WinXP Home SP2; all up to date

I have just got a combined router/printer server [Origo BRP1400] & am having trouble adding a HP printer to the network via the USB connection, which I am assured is made for this purpose.

I have gone to control panel>printer>add printer, but the system does not pick up the printer as being in the network, although the light is on the router/server showing as "link active". I also want to add another PC connected into the router to use the same printer.

The instructions included on a PDF file couldn't be less helpful - can you guys help [REALLY simple answers please!]?

Many thanks,


  anskyber 08:50 30 Dec 2006

Not sure how far you have got setting up the network. A network needs to have 2 or more computers on it which are then in turn able to share things like printers.

If you do not have 2 or more computers set up on your network do so first, then tell the computers not the router to share the printer. (trying to keep it simple)

  Shortstop 12:19 30 Dec 2006


There are 2 desktops and a lappy that has not been re-connected until I start back at work.

This is really frustrating because I believe that I am so close to getting this PSC750 to be recognised and to print from it!



  Ivor_Monkey 12:23 30 Dec 2006

Have you disabled all firewalls?

  Shortstop 12:43 30 Dec 2006

I only have the Windows Firewall - turned that off, but nothing changed.

I have gone control panel>printer>right click>properties and have added the address http:\\ in 'General' tab & marked the printer to share. It lists the PSC750 and hovering the mouse over the icon is says 'status ready' - so does this mean that the PC can now "see" the printer? But, I press 'Print', a box appears advising something along the lines of 'sending document via home network/router/server to ...' - but still nothing prints and there are no outstanding documents for the printer, so the PC thinks that something has printed.

All help gratefully received !!!



  Eric10 13:15 30 Dec 2006

It states on a few forums that the SBPR-10100 is the same router as the BRP-1400 so this may be helpful click here#. Download the Print server manual which is in PDF format and has step by step instructions for Win9x/ME followed by Win2000/XP and then a section on how to configure the printer.

  Shortstop 15:54 30 Dec 2006

Thank you for that. This is MUCH clearer & more relevant than the documentation supplied with the router/server!

I MAY have found the issue: I have followed the instructions and added the remote USB port. Print Server IP is already there and I found my PSC 750 :o) - but I still cannot print :o(

I have gone back into the Configure Port and the IP address has been replaced with "reis" [no inverted commas] instead of the IP address and the printer is listed as a load of symbols and no longer the PSC 750 - could this be the problem and why is it doing this??

Thanks again,


  Shortstop 20:14 30 Dec 2006


  Shortstop 12:35 31 Dec 2006

^Bump one last time^

  Eric10 12:51 31 Dec 2006

I've no hands-on experience so can't really help anymore except to say that all the webpages I found relating to it say that before updating/reinstalling the software you MUST first uninstall the existing software. If you haven't tried an uninstall/reinstall then maybe that is the way to go.

  imacd 13:33 31 Dec 2006

If so, there maybe some conflict with more than one driver. From the Printer and Faxes window you can easily delete the printer, but its drivers are still installed - click File>Server Properties>Driver and you may see more than one version for your printer. It maybe wise to start again by removing all versions and setting it up from scratch using the port details you mention above - good luck

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