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  Kozak 14:32 14 Apr 2006

Hi there,

I was wondering whether there is any way of adding 2 more speakers to my pc and get sound from all four.

I have a normal green jack which the first two are plugged into, then there is an additional blue pink and yellow ones.

Does anyone have any ideas, or is it not possible to do this without it been surround sound speakers?

Help is much appreciated.


  Stuartli 14:36 14 Apr 2006

Surround sound is an expression for sound coming from four or more speakers, not the speakers themselves - providing the speakers match reasonably well (the rears don't have to be as loud normally) then you can add a second pair.

You will need a sound card capable of delivering surround sound.

Your sound card manual (if you don't have one it will be on the manufacturer's website) will list the sockets to use for the rear speakers.

  Stuartli 14:39 14 Apr 2006

I used to use the C-Media 8738 onboard sound chip on my then motherboard for many years.

Even with a 2.1 speaker setup it provided remarkably realistic 3D sound - the software included a video demonstration of a helicopter flying in front and then to the side and behind you as you controlled it. Quite amazing.

  Stuartli 14:42 14 Apr 2006

These links will help you:

click here

click here=

click here

click here

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