add extra wifi card to wi fi laptop

  airbornenot 12:58 24 Feb 2007

My Acer Aspire 3003WLMi does not seem to pick up poor signals, eg in hotels, compared with other laptops. It is OK at home, no trouble at all (Linksys WAG54G Router/ADSL). I have an ASUS 169gE USB wi fi connector. Is it possible to set this up in the computer so that I can use either one or the other and is it likely to be better than the built in device?
Many thanks.
PS In no way shape or form could I be described as computer literate. Words of more than two syllables frighten me.

  ed-0 13:05 24 Feb 2007

" Words of more than two syllables frighten me. "


Will that do? :-)

  ed-0 13:10 24 Feb 2007

Now for the complicated bit.

has the laptop a switch for the internal WiFi. If it has, press it to turn it off.

Insert the disk that came with the asus usb dongle and stop the installation. So the disk is sitting in the cdrom drive. Slot in the asus usb dongle ( wifi stick ) and let windows find the device and load the drivers from the disk. It should do this automatically without you needing to search.

the dongle should now work and pick up the network.

So when you want to use the laptops WiFi. You take out the wifi dongle and press the switch on the laptop.

When you want to use the asus dongle, you turn off the laptops wifi and insert the dongle into the same usb port. the dongle should scan for networks and you should be able to connect.

  airbornenot 14:17 24 Feb 2007

Hello ed-o,
Many thanks for you prompt answer. There is a button which connect/disconnects the wireless LAN and has a satellite dish symbol by the side of it. Is this what you meant? (Told you I was illiterate). There is no other button.
Another (lesser!) site states that the CD driver does not work and I have downloaded a driver zip file from ASUS, but not opened it yet. There is also a utilities file. On the assumption that the button is the one that you meant, should I go ahead and try the CD anyway and see what happens? I know that I am sounding a bit wimpish, but I do not want to change things until I am sure of myself.

  woodchip 14:21 24 Feb 2007

the Laptop one can be switched off in Device Manager by Disabling it. a 3Com PCMCIA is a good WiFi card for range. But all are limited by there surroundings i.e girders and walls.

Hi ed-0 I posted about Beep on the thread

  airbornenot 14:31 24 Feb 2007

Thanks woodchip, but there are about a hundred items listed in Device Manager. Do I only need to deselect the Broadcom 802 11g network adaptor, or are there others? This whole thing was brought about because there were all these other guys sitting around in the hotel lobby working the local network, which was admittedly weak, but mine would not work at all.

  woodchip 14:39 24 Feb 2007

I would say yes to that. You can alway re-Enable if it's not OK. If their Laptops was OK then yours should be. But even on that score it depend where you are sitting As them if you could try yours where they are sitting first if you can before trying the above. But I can recommend the 3Com card as I have one it's a 3CRWE154G72 card Don't know if they still make it but hears one click here

  woodchip 14:41 24 Feb 2007

Read click here

  airbornenot 14:41 24 Feb 2007

Many thanks woodchip,I`ll check things out.

  woodchip 14:43 24 Feb 2007

I also have a USB Dongle but it's not as good

  airbornenot 15:21 24 Feb 2007

Thanks guys, a combination of both worked. In fact there does not seem any need to disable the internal wi fi in Device Manager. Under Network Connections I have found that there are two connectors shown on this laptop, cunningly labelled wireless connection 1 and wireless connection 2. The ASUS justs slots in after the Microsoft wizard has done its work and I can just right click on the system tray connection symbol and connect whichever one I want. I always have to have the wireless connection button on the front switched on, so it obviously does more than just switch off the the internal receiver/transmitter.I might well follow up the card you mention Woodchip.

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