Add extra 256mb RAM-worthwhile?

  dagwoood 04:39 30 Apr 2004

My system has 512mb pc2100 ram and wandered whether it would be beneficial to add a stick of 256mb ram to take it up to 768mb.

My o/s is xp and I know that xp loves ram. In saying that, I mainly use my computer for internet access(256kb connection), the occasional game(older titles)and watching DVDs, all of which I know don't really require that much ram.

My system originally had 256mb and when I increased this to 512mb I noticed a massive improvement. This has led me to wander whether more ram would give me another noticeable performance boost.(Hopefully stop xp using the damn paging file so much, as it loves to do!!).

Any advice/comments welcome, dagwoood.

  gudgulf 05:07 30 Apr 2004

It may or may not give a noticable improvement,but it will definitely not do any harm---so it you have a spare stick of ram it might as well go in the pc.

No point in it doing nowt!! lol

  Hax 06:32 30 Apr 2004

Have a look at this :

click here

  Forum Editor 07:17 30 Apr 2004

is in your penultimate line - "Hopefully stop xp using the damn paging file so much, as it loves to do!!"

If you're aware of that happening frequently then you'll notice a difference if you add more RAM. Your CPU can access RAM far quicker than it can your hard drive, so a performance improvement will be on the cards. Bear in mind that like all machines built from separate components a computer's performance will often depend on that of the slowest component - bottlenecks can occur - so don't expect an exponential performance increase.

  Pesala 07:29 30 Apr 2004

but 512 Mbytes is only about £80, while 256 Mbytes is about £48. click here

  dagwoood 11:41 30 Apr 2004

Thank you everyone for the advice. I think in view of the above feedback I'll add some additional RAM.

As per Hax's link/FE's input, probably wont see big improvement but thereagain I will see some, which just for the price of a stick of memory will be a fair trade off.

Cheers, dagwoood.

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