adaware updates are they a con?

  johnnyrocker 00:06 09 Sep 2005

for the last four at least updates i have d/loaded them and each time they find 3 critical and three files is this really true each time?


  powerless 00:11 09 Sep 2005

What files?

As adaware is free, where's the con?

  johnnyrocker 00:16 09 Sep 2005

you miss the point i have been a long time supporter of this product but find it a little odd that each update finds 3 items almost every time.


  lickalotofpuss 00:19 09 Sep 2005

stranger than fiction. Everytime I run Adware update it always fails (so it says) yet when back onto the main screen there's the update all installed odd but true.

  johnnyrocker 00:20 09 Sep 2005

makes one wonder.


  lickalotofpuss 00:24 09 Sep 2005

Been using Microsofts new anti-spyware it finds minor threats, then I run Ad-aware it finds nothing always the same with these spyware removers- run three of them and all three will give different responses

  ACOLYTE 00:33 09 Sep 2005

Its not found anything for a long time on my pc,not even the spybot blocks,and it used to find them all the time.

  Stuartli 09:31 09 Sep 2005

You've failed to tell us what other precautions you have in place such as SpywareBlaster - if so, then all you have discovered is that they are doing their job and hence Ad-Aware's role has been minimised.

I use Search and Destroy, Ad-Aware, SpywareBlaster, ZoneAlarm and Avast! (all updated as required) and am on broadband which is operative for around 15 hours a day even if the system is perhaps not being used.

I've only had one nasty since switching from dialup in April and that was entirely my own fault.

  lickalotofpuss 09:48 09 Sep 2005

I also use search & destroy as well as microsofts and adaware and am also on broadband (too much sometimes) and have found since using microsofts program my instances of spyware have decreased massively thou i use nortons 2004 firewall and anti-virus as well as Aols own spyware, only think that keeps me awake is cookies, which is way i use webroot window washer.

  johnnyrocker 10:40 09 Sep 2005

well i just thought it to be a bit odd that always 3 when the microsoft one which runs every evening comes up clean as does spy bot but adaware finds three.


  ACOLYTE 10:47 09 Sep 2005

Is adaware finding the 2 from spybot? thats if you use those,to stop the startpage bieng changed?

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