Adaware update problem

  nickyjane 14:17 26 Sep 2004

Hi Guys.I Am having problems in updating to the latest definition file ( se1r9 23.09.2004 ) how do I unzip the file and replace the old one. My o/s is xp home, adaware installed is build 1.05 def file se1r8 13.09.2004.


  Friday's Child 14:34 26 Sep 2004

Hi, I had the same problem and Djohn kindly posted the following:

'The latest up-date is SE1R9 23.09.2004 I think the version you have may be corrupted and would suggest you delete the current version of SE and download again.

There was a problem with the first release of SE. A new version was quickly released and does not suffer from the problem your having.'

It was very successful for me.

  pj123 15:22 26 Sep 2004

That's strange mine says 01R341 10/09/2004. When I try for an update I get "No updated components available".

  VoG II 15:25 26 Sep 2004

You need the new version click here

  nickyjane 16:20 26 Sep 2004

Thanks everyone for the advice. I have unistalled Adaware three times now and reinstalled it , but still have the same problem.

  VCR97 19:02 26 Sep 2004

Try a new download of Adaware.

  Friday's Child 19:55 26 Sep 2004

As VoG™ & Keith S say, try a new download of Adaware.

I probably did it the long way since Adaware normally overwrites the old version on its own, but I used the uninstall option on the old one and then deleted the Lavasoft folder to make sure before running the installation for the new one.

When you have saved the download of the new definitions to your hard disc, right click it and you will have an option to expand all.

Once you have done that, you should be able to move the new definitions file to the Lavasoft folder to overwrite the one which is in it (although when I reinstalled V 1.05 my copy somehow already had the new definitions included in the installation)

  PhiltheFragger 20:36 26 Sep 2004

Are you downloading it from the same place every time,

It is possible that you have a corrupt download.

Try downloading it fron a different place on the net, I use click here

  Djohn 20:48 26 Sep 2004

Although you have tried reinstalling adaware have you deleted it from your PC and downloaded again as Friday's Child suggest.

There was as mentioned a problem with the first release of SE 1.5 that was quickly rectified. Although I can not say for certain you have this first version, the problems your having are exactly as others were having with the first release. The new download corrected the problem.

  JYPX 21:01 26 Sep 2004

nickyjane - Further to the advice from Friday's Child, I would point out that advice on the Lavasoft Forums - in answer to update problems - have suggested that a very precise uninstall/reinstall routine may be the answer to your specific problem. Have a look at this thread click here . By the way, if you are on NTL cable please say so as that could be another problem altogether.

  nickyjane 21:16 26 Sep 2004


yes I do have NTL BB

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