adaware scan taking a long time

  jade25 10:45 15 Aug 2007

Is adaware supposed to take over an hour on its first scan using full scan. Am on broardband and vista, but never knewn one that takes this long, it cought 107 at the start of the scan

  Stuartli 10:47 15 Aug 2007

It can take quite a while - same with SUPERAntispyware - on a full scan.

The quick scan option on both takes up to 10 minutes, but I suppose it depends on the size of your hard drive and its contents.

  jade25 11:27 15 Aug 2007

Thanks, l switched it off as it was so long but then thought l could get on with my work and leave it scanning, its three quarters through and its now been on an hour and thirty one minutes. If it does it well l don't mind but the reason why l downloaded it was that spybot keeps finding the same amount of 59 each time l scan, and defender doesn't catch a thing but never thought it would as l did the beta and it was the same and the other one l have is spywarer blaster that someone here said its good to stop anything getting in but as 107 was found in first half hour am not sure but they do give a lot of false positives.
I have been reading up a lot on vista and spyware and there are lots of people just using defender and vista firewall, but l would not risk just having defender,

  jade25 11:30 15 Aug 2007

It seems now to have got stuck as it hasn't moved for 33 minutes , should l keep it on or start again,

  umbongo(uk) 11:37 15 Aug 2007

dont forget jade you have to tick the boxes and then press remove

im not trying to be funny but a friend i have did the scan and was getting the same amount of spyware every time. until i asked him to do a scan while i was there
and all he was doing was pressing remove but not ticking the boxes to remove said malware so it wasnt getting deleted
yes he thought it was automaticaly removed and called me rubbish/to that effect/ for putting it on his computer

to make adaware auto remove entrys
open adaware select the settings tab
go to auto scans
were it says auto remove infection with tai above put it to 3 ,,click save
now it will auto remove after each scan

  jade25 11:44 15 Aug 2007

Thanks a lot for that as haven't been ticking the boxes in spybot, forget to do that in my email as well but adaware still hasn't finished so no boxes and its getting on for two hours now, nothing has taken that long even on dial up and am now on broardband

  Stuartli 11:48 15 Aug 2007

Stop it and do a Quick Scan for the moment.

You may have to use the Task Manager to stop it.

(You haven't got a screen saver in action by any chance?)

  jade25 12:07 15 Aug 2007

Thats, just what l have done so just see what happens, am fated with this vista pc lol did have to use task manager, that is my best friend since l got this pc

  jade25 13:45 15 Aug 2007

umbongo, must have had ticks in boxes as spybot put them in and youtake out if you want.
Done smart scan with adaware and it found 109
Have you ead ofsecunia, its a proram that stays on pc an tells ou if anything needs updatin or a patch. I have just tried to download, it was from gizmo supporters newsletter. Got this error, not sure what to do about i.
ActionIIKill[PSInstances, loction,C:\program files\secunia\...PSI.exe,command--kill


  Stuartli 14:09 15 Aug 2007

Secunia is something I've never considered; I did use to use BigFix, but the free version is not being supported any longer.

  umbongo(uk) 19:56 15 Aug 2007

umbongo, must have had ticks in boxes as spybot put them in and youtake out if you want.

we were on about adaware wernt we ?

adaware lets you make the decision on wether to delete or not
spybot just ticks em all

also cant remember if its adaware or spybot but when you fist install it asks if you want it to run in background mode ie slower or full mode

secunia is malware you allow to run on your computer
thats why it reads you computer then find updates for you

its just that we call hidden programs we dont ask for malware/spyware

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