Ian in Northampton 12:00 17 Jan 2011

My wife has an ePad (think Android-based iPad) that I got from eBay. It came with an American charger and an adaptor, which is a bit rubbish. I'm trying to source an alternative. Elonex sell the exact same piece of kit and brand it 'eTouch' - but they want £19 for a charger, which is taking the Mickey a bit. So, I'm looking for a generic charger. First challenge is to get the right size plug to go into the power socket of the ePad. However, I then need to get something that won't blow up the ePad. I know nothing about electrickery, so can anyone tell me what I need to look out for in terms of amps and watts and so on? I haven't got the charger with me as I write, but I assume it will have its rating printed on it. If I can't match its rating, will I do harm if I use something that's rated higher or lower than the current charger in terms of watts and amps?

  gengiscant 12:28 17 Jan 2011

This what your looking for? you wee a bit sparse with the details so not sure.
click here

  gengiscant 12:29 17 Jan 2011

wee = were, dam.

  xania 12:58 17 Jan 2011

I tihnk this will solve your problem
click here

  Ian in Northampton 12:58 17 Jan 2011

Gengiscant: good work - I found that page earlier today, so you were absolutely on the right track. What I should have said in my OP, though, was that I don't want another kludge of an American charger stuck into an adapter - I want something with a UK 3-pin plug. I also wonder whether there will be a difference between a charger for a 10" pad and a 7" pad - the one you and I found is for a 7".

  Ian in Northampton 12:59 17 Jan 2011

Thanks xania - but that's what I have now (I should have made that clearer) and is what I'm trying to avoid.

  john bunyan 15:57 17 Jan 2011

Dont forget that the USA runs on 110 v and 50Hz whereas we are on 230v and, I think, 60Hz so either you need a step down transformer or a new charger with the uk input but specified output. What does it say on the US charger re input?

  john bunyan 16:01 17 Jan 2011

Sorry - UK is 50 z and USA 60
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  Ian in Northampton 16:08 17 Jan 2011

Thanks JB. Most adaptors these days are rated 110 -240v (look at laptops, for example). So far as I know, 50Hz/60Hz isn't generally an issue (although I've heard it said that it can be for e.g. CD players). The fact that the one I have is designed just to plug into a UK wall socket via a single adaptor tells me that the input volts and frequency aren't the issue - it's the volts and amps/milliamps output that are the key.

  Woolwell 16:13 17 Jan 2011

Most of these charges will accept 110 to 240v input. What is critical is the output and the type of connector. Wrong supply at this point and your epad could cease to work. What output does it state on the charger?

  dvdcllns 16:37 17 Jan 2011

As Woolwell mentions, check the output supply, 3, 5, 9V etc but also check the polarity (is the positive on the inner or outer ring of the output connector?) presuming that the required output is DC of course.

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