Adapter for printer to 2 computers

  audeal 15:12 24 Jan 2007

Hi All. I have a USB printer and Two Computers. I wish to connect the printer to both computers so I do not have to crawl under the desk and delve into "Spaghetti Junction" to find the cable for plugging into the other computer. Can anybody please tell me where I can purchase an adapter that will connect to both computers. I have searched E-buyer but not knowing what it is called makes searching difficult.

Many Thanks in Advanced.

  anskyber 15:15 24 Jan 2007

Have you considered networking the two PC's to share the printer?

  bazbazbaz 15:21 24 Jan 2007

I think a Print Server is what you're looking for

  audeal 15:32 24 Jan 2007

Thanks for your replies. I have never tried Networking before and do not know much about the subject. Can somebody tell me what is needed to do this networking for my printers, and possible where to get the equipment from.

  anskyber 16:33 24 Jan 2007

Have a read of this. click here I set up a network with no prevuios experience and with luch on my side I did it.

I shared the internet connection and the printer. My wife uses a laptop in another room but prints to the main and only printer.

  anskyber 16:34 24 Jan 2007

Sorry about the typos!

  Totally-braindead 16:38 24 Jan 2007

Something like this may be what you want click here

  Longhouse 19:20 24 Jan 2007

try the links on this Google page

click here

if it doesn't work do a search for usb printer switch

  Strawballs 19:22 24 Jan 2007

If the the 2 PC's are next to each other and both have lan ports then a crossover cable is all that is needed.

click here

  Longhouse 19:32 24 Jan 2007

If you network the computers you will have to connect the printer to one PC and it will have to be on when you want to print from the other PC. If you use a switch box, the other PC does not have to be running.

As Strawballs says, you may only need a crossover network cable to make a simple network.

  hastelloy 19:36 24 Jan 2007

Any of the above suggestions are good but I use a Belkin Peripheral switch which allows me to connect up to 4 PCs to up to 4 USB devices. There's a number of variations from 2 to 1 upwards. Mine needs its own power supply but not all do. Try a Google or 1 of the shopbots - pricerunner, kelkoo, dealtime etc.

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