Ned116 19:15 02 Dec 2003

my father in law has just been given a very old pc to learn on. It has no USB ports, and all the new printers on the market, unless you want to spend a fortune only come with usb connection. Is there a way of connecting a usb printer to a pc's serial port? maybe a serial to usb b kabel?



  Gaz 25 19:21 02 Dec 2003

But if it runs win 95, you will need the SP for it to be USB compatible. Dont know where you could get that from, since microsoft stopped support and updates for it.

  Ned116 19:23 02 Dec 2003

no hes running windows 98

  Gemma 19:36 02 Dec 2003

would be to buy an used parallel port printer for less money than a new adaptor. There are serial-USB, USB-serial converters around but the max data rate would be 115Kbs (top speed of serial chips) and the printer would be exceedingly slow, especialy with graphics. I would also doubt that these gadgets would work to full specification and only offer a subset of serial support.

  DieSse 20:11 02 Dec 2003

You can get one of the cheapest Epson printers with a parallel port - Epson C42SX

  DieSse 20:17 02 Dec 2003

Or this one here click here=

  A_World_Maker 20:19 02 Dec 2003

Try this.... click here

  DieSse 22:17 02 Dec 2003

Wrong way round conversion.

  Ned116 22:30 02 Dec 2003

thanx for your help, probably gonna try a get a used printer

  DieSse 22:34 02 Dec 2003

"gonna try a get a used printer"

When you can get a new one (inc INK, don't forget) for £35 - I wouldn't buy a used one, IMHO.

  woodchip 22:38 02 Dec 2003

If you are Win98 you can get a USB PCI card cheap

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