Adaptec Direct CD - Problems

  Fastflys 16:54 09 Jan 2005

I use a company laptop with Adaptec Easy CD Creator 4.0.5-B installed. I use Direct CD to input and/or extract folders/files to/from 650/700MB CD-RWs in much the same way as dragging and dropping to/from a floppy disk. It works well.


If I place the CD-RW into a CD-ROM drive on another computer at best it recognises the folders but does not recognise the files within them and at worst does not recognise that a CD-RW has been inserted.

Can any of you out there explain in simple terms what has to be done to correct this problem.

I have already performed a search on this subject and have found several different answers but to be honest was confused by what was said. Like many others I use a computer as a work tool but have limited technical knowledge when things like the above go wrong.

Is Direct CD unreliable? I cannot allow a situation to develop whereby I change Laptop and then find that I cannot access information from my CD-RWs.

I have tried to copy folders/files stored on my hard drive to a CD-RW using Adaptec Easy CD Creator but a pop up window informs me that my folder/file names are too long and do not conform. I believe a maximum folder/file name of 64 characters was mentioned. I am sure when trying to copy photos it was only 19 characters?

Does this mean that I must now rename every folder and file name? If so what is the maximum number of characters I can safely use to be certain that all application types copy first time?

Thanks in advance.

  GaT7 17:33 09 Jan 2005

To be able to read the CD-RWs made by DirectCD the other PCs (with the unrecognising CD-ROM drives) may need a UDF VOLUME READER click here. Also it'll work on "some MultiRead CD-ROM drives" only.


Enables some MultiRead CD-ROM drives to read UDF formatted CD-RW discs (such as those written with DirectCD) under Windows 95, 98 and 98 SE, Windows NT 4.0 SP3 or higher and Windows 2000/XP.

Once installed, you do not need to take any special steps to activate the UDF Reader; it is constantly active in the background, waiting for you to mount a UDF disc. This is a free download for the convenience of users who do not own Easy CD Creator."

" worst does not recognise that a CD-RW has been inserted" - a standard CD-ROM drive (Non-CDR/RW drive) cannot be expected to behave like a CDR/RW drive, but with the UDF volume reader installed should be able to read files & folders of DirectCD-created CDR/RWs just like they were standard CD/discs.

"Is DirectCD unreliable?" - DirectCD isn't itself unreliable but the way in which it 'packet writes' data to a disc is. From my own experience the data doesn't remain for long &/or I get 'data loss' warnings quite often. You'd be better off writing the CDRW the normal way while choosing to make it a 'multisession' disc so more data can be added (or deleted) from it at another session/time. You have to try it to see if this multisession-created disc suits your needs.

Your copy of Easy CD Creator (ECDC) seems outdated. What is the version you're using? Try to get an update or a newer version. The update &/or newer versions of ECDC should give you less hassle with long file/folder names.

Hope this helps. G

  Totally-braindead 17:49 09 Jan 2005

I don't use this software for the reasons you've already discovered. I now use Nero. Burn the information as Data and tick "allow more files to be added later" that way creating a multisession disk I can keep adding to and can be read in any computer.

  Fastflys 18:07 09 Jan 2005

I will try downloading the UDF Volume Reader onto another computer and see if my Direct CD-RWs work.

I cannot download any software as I don’t have sufficient Administrator rights. My company will install Nero for me but will remove Adaptec ECDC. I do not want this done until I have resolved the above problem.

Will Nero software read Direct CD CD-RWs?

Does Nero software allow longer folder/file names?

Many thanks for your quick responses.

  GaT7 18:14 09 Jan 2005

Will Nero software read Direct CD CD-RWs?

Yes, it should do without problems. Nero's 'DirectCD' is called 'InCD'.

Does Nero software allow longer folder/file names?

Yes it does.

More people prefer Nero to ECDC as it is (allegedly) more user-friendly & has a few extra features. I prefer ECDC. G

  Fastflys 18:15 09 Jan 2005

Whoops - I said my company will install Nero software, I should have said Roxio software.

  GaT7 18:19 09 Jan 2005

From the above link you'll see that Roxio has taken over the ECDC/DirectCD brandname from Adaptec & their latest versions of ECDC are very capable indeed. G

  Fastflys 18:57 09 Jan 2005

Just to recap.

If I cannot view files from a Direct CD CD-RW on another computer.

Download the UDF Volume Reader. This download should rectify the problem.

If my company installs Roxio and removes ECDC.

I will still be able to access folders/files from my Direct CD CD-RWs

  GaT7 21:08 09 Jan 2005

"If my company installs Roxio and removes ECDC"

Roxio = ECDC (see my 18:19 post above)

"I will still be able to access folders/files from my Direct CD CD-RWs"

Yes, if your DirectCD CD-RWs are able to retain data without having the problems I had! G

  Fastflys 20:32 10 Jan 2005

"If my company installs Roxio and removes ECDC"

Roxio = ECDC (see my 18:19 post above)

Yes, I understand that ECDC is now Roxio. What I was trying to say is that if I request the latest Roxio software, when I connect to the company network Roxio will be automatically installed and my original Adaptec version deleted.

I am concerned that my Direct CD CD-RWs will not run correctly using the new Roxio software and I will not have the option of reverting to my original Adaptec software.

The answer to the problem has already been stated.
Crossbow7 has clearly stated that the PCs that cannot read the disk MUST have "UDF VOLUME READER" installed. It is not an update, it is a standlaone package for the target PCs.

If you dont install this, you will never get the PCs to read the disks. I assume the disk can be read on your PC?

Later versions of EZCD (5 on i think) automatically installed UDF reader when a disk was inserted into a machine that didnt have it installed.

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