Adaptec CD Creator 3.5 problems

  sat481 16:47 20 Feb 2004

HI all

I wonder if any one of you bright people can help my father-in-law. He is having trouble with his CD/RW's and uses Adaptec CD creator. I have never heard of it as I am a faithful user of NERO. BElow is the main part of an email he sent me:

Windows98 (software)
HP CD writer plus 8200 (hardware) drive F
Adaptec CD Creater 3.5 (software)

I can read write to my old disc 2x-4x 700mb
but I cannot format a new disc 4x-10x 700mb
my drive auto selects best speed.

And when he runs diagnostics on the drive he gets some errors.
SCSI send diagnostic failed
XCD error. Cuurent CD is not recordable
6390 - error 04 on ASPI request.

Any ideas people... He's old and would really appreicate the help..

Thanks from me too


  thisisnighthawk 16:57 20 Feb 2004

if you go to the adaptec site there are a couple of downloads and upgrades he can put in for that version...

  thisisnighthawk 16:58 20 Feb 2004

I of course should have said Roxio who now have taken over that part of it...

  sat481 17:15 20 Feb 2004

Thanx for that thisisnighthawk but do you know the exact place the downloads are. I have searched the Roxio and adaptc web sites but am unable to find Cd Creator 3.5

Thanks again


  thisisnighthawk 18:07 20 Feb 2004

try here first..

click here

  thisisnighthawk 18:19 20 Feb 2004

here you will find download for 3.5 version.

click here

  woodchip 18:36 20 Feb 2004

You need to load Direct CD to format the CD it should be on the CD Creator Disc. It puts a icon in the System tray so that when you put a CD in comp you right click the Icon and choose Format

  Taran 18:44 20 Feb 2004

The trouble here could simply be a device becoming worn and comparatively old software used in conjunction with new spec CDRW disks.

CDRW are a minefield sometimes, but the version of Adaptec in this case could also have something to do with it.

You can download and install an updated aspi32 patch click here

This may or may not help.

Logic suggests to me that old version software coupled with new [and faster] disks may be the culprit.

If the drive can read/write to CDR without any problems I'd sugest you stick to them. They give a more reliable long term storage option than the best CDRW disks. I've not used CDRW for several years now for the very reason that they can siffer corruption and data loss far more readily than CDR.

  woodchip 18:55 20 Feb 2004

Adaptec CD Creator and Direct CD are should be on the Same CD, but they are two different programs, CD Creator does not format CD's, Direct CD does it's the Packet writing software that's on the CD Creator CD

  sat481 19:45 20 Feb 2004

I thank you on my father in laws behalf. I have passed all the information onto him and hopefully he'll get things sorted..

Thanks from me too....


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