Adaptec 3.5 Cd Covers

  DaveMM 19:22 23 Nov 2003

Years ago when I used Adaptec 3.5, I saved some Cd covers, I installed Adaptec 4 later, but that wouldn't open the covers I'd saved. Since then, I've changed my Pc, and now I'm running Xp, which won't work with Adaptec 3.5 but it did allow me to access the covers I'd saved. I've now gone onto Broadband, and I have to keep changing the compatibility to Win98/Me if I wish to save any new covers, or to Win NT to open old saved covers.
What has changed for me to have to do this?

  OneSirKnight 21:37 23 Nov 2003

why not open your covers and save them as jpeg,use windows picture and fax viewer,
then download "Free (Presit)"
from here

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