Ad vice on buying a New Graphics Card

  mikeystipe 18:12 15 Feb 2008

I'm potentially looking to upgrade to a new Graphics Card. Want to spend at most £100 (preferably less!)

Current system has an ASUS A7V400-MX Motherboard.

I have a couple of free PCI Slots and a free AGP slot. From what I've read I'm better off using the AGP slot.

I currently only have 256Mb of memory but expect to increase this.

Any useful advice welcomed.


  Coupon 19:06 15 Feb 2008

Nice card here click here
You could really do with getting a lot more memory for your computer. At least 1gb preferably.

  mikeystipe 20:07 18 Feb 2008

Will this particular card work with my current setup?

I'm assuming that I'll need to increase memory in any case.

I've also read that i might need to change the power supply as newer cards may need to draw more power.

  martjc 20:19 18 Feb 2008 the way of power. PCI-E cards are a different animal - but that won't bother you. Get a nVidia or ATI card, making sure of the connection type [must be AGP]. These cards have their own dedicated memory and don't encroach on your system RAM.
Although, having said that, you really do need more than 256 MB of RAM these days. Go to the Crucial site and run the scan for advice.

click here

  mikeystipe 20:27 18 Feb 2008


Have looked at the crucial site (previously). I'm hoping to upgrade the memory first (rather than buy a new card) - I'm assuming the worst case and assuming that I'll have to buy a card.

If it's any use will want to be able to run the Transformers game on the system.

  Bob The Blob 20:35 18 Feb 2008

Have a look at click here
This website scans your computer and tells you if you are able to run particular games.

  brundle 20:39 18 Feb 2008

7600GT is a good card, but pricey at Novatech; click here

Can't advise on equivalent ATI cards, I can never remember the model numbers/equivalents to NVidia but this might help; click here

  Armchair 20:44 18 Feb 2008

click here

I've already posted that link in another AGP card topic on here. £60, and quite a bit better than a 7600GT.

  mikeystipe 21:34 18 Feb 2008

Thanks Guys,

All useful info. Is there a utility/executable like the "Can You Run It" link that I can download and transfer to PC via a USB stick - The PC I want to use isn't currently connected to internet.

  mikeystipe 21:50 18 Feb 2008

Probably really obvious question - but apart from potential power supply issue are these cards just plug and play.

Thanks, Again!

  brundle 21:52 18 Feb 2008

doh! And I have a 7900GS in my PC. Yes, better than a 7600GT.

Yes, plug and play, drivers available here; click here

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