Ad hoc networking - help needed

  EFC1878 20:59 12 Jan 2006

I want to enable my daughters pc to connect to the net via a network with my pc but witohut having to install cards or change my internet connectn [I have broadband with BT via a ubs modem connection).

I was advised to buy 2 usb belkin wireless G USB Network Adapters [54G].

However I cannot configure the netowrk to run.

a) Do I need a router?
b) If so will this sit between my modem and pc?
c) Do I need 2 adapter si.e. one for both pcs? or just my daughters to receive?
d) Any tips on where I maybe going wrong?

  PaulB2005 21:23 12 Jan 2006

Here's a starter....

click here

  EFC1878 11:10 28 Jan 2006

An update....

I have managed to get the 2 PCs to talk to each other. The Belkin icon is active and each compuiter recognises the network profile that I have set up.

I have reduced zonealarm on the host PC to medium and the client PC is trying to connect to the net.

Unfortuantley I keep getitng server unavailable i.e. cannot connect.

I also get an error message to say that the client PC has a high spped device connected to a non high spped USB prot.

Do I need therefore to upgrade the USB port on the client PC to USB2.0 and how easy is this to do?

Help/advice as ever would be welcome

  dms05 11:51 28 Jan 2006

<2 usb belkin wireless G USB Network Adapters [54G]>

To get full 54Mb connection they will need to be connected to USB2 ports. However they should work at the lower 802.11b rate of 11Mb/sec (easily fast enough for an Internet connection at 1Mb) on USB ports. Try setting the belkins to the lower speed.

The USB High Speed message is for information. It shouldn't stop the device working.

You can buy USB2 cards cheaply click here

  EFC1878 12:26 28 Jan 2006


Thanks for the response.

I will try changing the speeds. At the risk of appearing lazy how/where do I do this and presumably it has to be done on both the host and client machines.

On the USB did not realise they were so cheap. My daughter only has 2 ports both 1.1 and both used so I think it would be a good move to get the 4 port USB 2.0 card anyway. Presumably easy to install

  Strawballs 15:54 29 Jan 2006

All you have to do is open up one side of the computer and fit the card into a free PCI slot and then install the software that comes with the card and if you are running win XP then you might not have to do that.

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