Ad-hoc ICS setup... HELP is needed! Please...!

  animated bloke 14:16 27 Feb 2006

Hello there!

Computer #1 is a desktop running WinXP Pro with ZoneAlarm firewall... It's connected to an Alcatel ADSL Speed Touch Home modem, that I've hacked to turn into a Pro mode (and now the modem is connected to the Internet without the need of a dialer...).
There's a D-Link AirPlus G+ DWL-G520+ PCI card on this computer as well.

Computer #2 is an IBM Thinkpad G40 laptop, running WinXP Pro, with ZoneAlarm firewall as well... and Im using a RaLink RT2500 Wireless Lan card (PCMCIA).

I'm trying to share my desktop's connection on both laptop and desktop and having some problems... I'm not so sure about how to configure all of it... Nothing works out!
How can I configure an ad-hoc ICS???

Please help...

  Strawballs 14:28 27 Feb 2006

click here Is this any use?

  animated bloke 15:24 27 Feb 2006

Thank Strawballs!
Well... I've tried that before...
I don't understand it...

On the desktop:
1. I've select 'Computer to computer (ad hoc) networks' and cleared the 'Automatically connect to non-preferred networks' box.
2. I've added a preffered network and specified SSID

Now it says:
"Wireless Network Connection is now connected .... Connected to: [the SSID I've specified] .... Signal Strength: Excellent"
and it disconnects after 3-5 seconds... and repeat itself... connected/disconnected....

About the client computer (the laptop):
Do I need to configure anything? It doesnt find any wireless networks in range...

What should I do?

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