Ad-Blocker for I/E

  birdface 09:34 29 Mar 2010

I usually use IE7Pro Add-On but just wondering if anyone has tried this.

click here

Just wondering which is best.

  sunnystaines 09:47 29 Mar 2010

I wonder if the two would work together or clash?

will it block green text pop ups too like iepro?

  birdface 10:33 29 Mar 2010

I disabled IE7 Pro from Add-Ons and downloaded the new one.
It puts a little Icon on the Status bar that I never use, It would have been better on the Toolbar.
I still have my Toolbar on top of the address bar so IE7Pro cannot be completely switched off.
Hmm.Spell check no longer works with Pro switched off and I need that.
So will give this a day or two to see if any problems with it and may then go back to the Pro Version.

  birdface 10:45 29 Mar 2010

No pop ups so far.
I suppose if I never had IE7Pro it would be fine.
But I would miss the spell check and the Tools bar being on top of the address bar.
Someone just looking for an Add-Blocker it would be fine.

  sunnystaines 11:24 29 Mar 2010

are you using w7 I cannot get the spell check in IEPpo to work in w7 ok with xp.

  birdface 18:05 29 Mar 2010

Using both Spell check works.
With IE7 Pro disabled in add-ons it does not work.

  birdface 18:06 29 Mar 2010

yes sorry I am using W/7.

  birdface 18:10 29 Mar 2010

The new add-blocker works fine.
But as I need the spell check and the menu bar on top of the address bar I am going to remove the new one.
I can always come back to it some other time if need be.

  birdface 18:17 29 Mar 2010

Under Modules did you make sure Spell check was ticked.Then reboot I/E.

  sunnystaines 18:32 29 Mar 2010

just checked modules the spell check is ticked by default.

a wrong spelling get underlined in red but spell check this field to correct does nothing. same for spell check forcebly.

i thought it was a windows 7 problem but if it works on your w7 not sure where the problem is.

  birdface 18:59 29 Mar 2010

You are right.It only underlines them.
I thought that was all it did until I right clicked it.
Plus languages is English/US and can't change that.
So sorry if I misled you.
At least I know how it should work now.

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