Ad-Aware SE

  Baslla321 15:23 20 Oct 2005

After checking my PC and finding one cookie which I had deleted, I was told that, I quote,'Target families detected on this system.'Who are target families ? I tried Google but got none the wiser.

  Baslla321 15:36 20 Oct 2005

After running another scan it does not mention this Target families any more, so I will just ignore it. Thanks all the same.

  DieSse 15:51 20 Oct 2005

Target families are a term anti-spyware vendors appear to use in their categorisation of threats. If you google on *** target families spyware *** it does throw up some results which are a bit (not much!) more useful.

It's just part of the report that Adaware gives - not spyware in itself.

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