Ad-Aware on-screen warning

  heavymetalkid 23:27 04 Oct 2006

Each time I call up Ad-Aware I get the following warning...."Your definitions are 15 days old,would you like to check for updates?" I click on "yes" and it tells me I'm up to date, as I do it regularly. However, the warning remains and reappears each time I start Ad-Aware...I can't get rid of it. I have had Ad-Aware for a few years and have never encountered this before. Anyone know why it won't vanish?

  johnnyrocker 23:29 04 Oct 2006

uninstall and reinstall best bet.


  heavymetalkid 23:31 04 Oct 2006

Thanks pal....doing it now

  SANTOS7 23:34 04 Oct 2006

Open AdAware, click on the config tab (cog wheel) under definitions untick "prompt to update outdated defs" set days to 0 (zero) days click proceed..

  heavymetalkid 23:46 04 Oct 2006

Thankyou Santos, just about to uninstall when I saw your post. Followed your instructions, only thing I couldn't do was set the days to zero....greyed out-no response. However, definitions message not showing now. Still have "Warning, your definitions file may be outdated" on main screen. Confused by why it was there. As I stated I've had Ad-Aware for years-never seen it before. Your reaction....should I still uninstall/ reinstall?

  bluto1 23:57 04 Oct 2006

I had the same warning about being 15 days without an update, followed it, found nothing and decided to leave it for a couple of days. I often think this is the best thing to do with programmes like AdAware and perhaps SpyBot.
If you uninstall them you`ve got to go through the trauma of finding the correct keys to reinstall.(if you`re like me, everything all over the place)

  LANDCRUISER 23:57 04 Oct 2006

My adaware is the same must be their site having a problem i guess

  heavymetalkid 00:02 05 Oct 2006

Johnnyrocker, Santos, Bluto and Landcruiser, thanks for the posts, could be problems their end, I'll give it a few days.

  johnnyrocker 00:04 05 Oct 2006

ty, still think my suggestion is best, i have had to do it a couple of times over the last 5 years but good luck anyway.


  Allyginger 00:13 05 Oct 2006

There is nothing wrong with your Ad-aware. It's just that no updates have been on since 19 Sept. On the website it's showing definitions update as 124 and 19/9. So an update could be coming soon.I've sent them an email in case anything is wrong. Awaiting an answer.

  heavymetalkid 00:24 05 Oct 2006

You could be right Johnny and I value your opinion mate. Greetings Allyginger and thanks for post and info. I'll be patient. Good night all. Andy.

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