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  March Wind 01:27 18 Jun 2011

I am running Adaware. It takes hrs to run. Is it worth it. It said it has found 7 objects. I have been running Malwarebytes, CClean, Avira Anti virus this evening, now I am running Adaware for almost 3hrs. Do you think I need it, should I take it off my PC?

This Forum doesn't move very well now it has changed I try to move the side bar but it doesn't work very well seems to get stuck. The side bar works on other pages I view.

  March Wind 02:12 18 Jun 2011

Do any of you 12 people know if it is alright for me to just stop this Adaware Scan as I still have Serif and Skye to go through and I don't want to wait up any longer.

  sunnystaines 11:18 18 Jun 2011

i would delete adaware its not the good program it was years ago, keep to your malawarebytes

  johndrew 11:21 18 Jun 2011

The scan can be stopped without risk.

As above, I uninstalled Ad-Aware because it became very slow. Now use Malwarebytes.

  March Wind 22:04 24 Jun 2011

Thank you I will uninstall adaware also

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