Ad-Aware found HOW MANY ???

  bloo meeny 15:35 02 Nov 2004

Could this be some kind of record I wonder ?

While surfing, I noticed an extra search bar had appeared below the address bar in IE (had a 'star' at the left side, 'star search' or something ?)

No panic I thought, I'll just give it the Ad-Aware SE / Spybot S&D treatment - but I wasn't prepared for what it (Ad-Aware SE) found .....

.... no less that 349 Critical Objects !!!!
98% of which were registry entries for 'Comet Cursor'.
And NO, it wasn't funny - having to manually tick all those boxes :-(

By the way, Spybot found 3 entried for 'Comet' as well.

  rawprawn 15:46 02 Nov 2004

Just goes to show, we need to keep them up to date and run regularly

  exprog 15:48 02 Nov 2004

I am sure that if you right click on the Adware respnses, it gives you the option to "Select all"

  PSF 16:35 02 Nov 2004

I installed Adaware, spybot etc on a friends pc the day. I lost count after about 4500 entries LOL. His son keeps on using smile central and Kazza. There were tool bars, icons and ads popping up everywhere. I think that will stop now. His pc runs better now.

As exprog says right click in the Adaware window and select all, gone in seconds....

  GaT7 17:31 02 Nov 2004

Also get SpywareBlaster which stops a lot of scum from getting into your PC in the first place click here. It's another free program, works in the 'background' (uses no system resources) protecting your PC as you surf. Works with IE, any IE-clone (like Avant, Maxthon) & Mozilla/Firefox. Remember to keep ALL updated regularly. For a good free online scan try Spy Audit (by Spy Sweeper, free 30-day trial) - click here. G

  GaT7 17:37 02 Nov 2004

Plus follow the advice here (Stuartli's or mine)to get IE to prompt for & block/allow cookies - click here. (Similar tutorial here - click here). G

  bloo meeny 20:14 02 Nov 2004

Thanks for your responses.

exprog & PSF - NOW you tell me :o) I'm sure v6.0 didn't allow this and I only changed to SE a few days ago. Feel free to have a laugh at my expense ... oh, you did already !!

Ok, you win PSF - BUT I run this every day !!

Crossbow7 - I already use SpywareBlaster too, but I have now changed the IE cookie options as you described.

Thanks all.

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