pat2068 23:30 13 Jun 2003

have run adaware and it is not deleting all the files have ran it in safe mode and it still want delete all the files can anyone help plesae win xp thanks mary

  hugh-265156 23:35 13 Jun 2003

what are the files?

and have you ticked the before removal?

  pat2068 23:39 13 Jun 2003

the files are c/documents and settings/owner/localsettings/temp/iadhide3.dll and c/e2g/iebhos.dll and everytime i use it it does the same and i an frightened to use spybot as there is to much in that i dont know about thanks mary

  VoG® 23:41 13 Jun 2003

Start Ad-Aware

Scan Now button

Customize link

Untick "Automatically quarantine.............."!

  VoG® 23:43 13 Jun 2003

The latest version of Spybot is perfectly safe click here

  hugh-265156 23:45 13 Jun 2003

iadhide3.dll is logitec backweb client and if you have logitec mouse then dont delete it.

iebhos.dll is internet explorer pop up control so dont delete it either.

in spybot use easy mode and you wont go far wrong.

anybody know any different then please correct me if im wrong.

  hugh-265156 23:49 13 Jun 2003

i am wrong iebhos.dll
is click here

  VoG® 23:52 13 Jun 2003

It is accepted good practice to say what actually worked, before ticking the box.

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