Ad-Aware 6.0 reports a virus - in it's own cache!

  Tj_El 00:24 24 Mar 2004


When I run Ad-Aware 6.0 (updated), I get a message:

"Virus: Trojan horse Dropper.Bridge.A is found in file C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-aware 6\Cache\run.exe. To remove this viruus, please run AVG for Windows. "

I cannot find the folder Ad-aware 6\Cache\ or the file 'run.exe'.

When I run AVG (also up to date), it returns no problems.

I am suitably baffled by the virus message. Where is it hidden that AVG cannot find it? Any ideas?


  hugh-265156 00:34 24 Mar 2004

disable system restore and update and run avg.

delete anything it finds and then re enable system restore again.

  Tj_El 00:50 24 Mar 2004

Thanks for the quick response huggyg71! :-)

Trying this now.

Stay tuned...

  Tj_El 01:20 24 Mar 2004

Well. after 26 mins AVG reports: No Virus Infection Was Detected During This Test.

Back to square one. Virus still reported in Ad-aware 6 Cache. :-(

  mjojo 01:48 24 Mar 2004

Just had this with the java.byteverify trojan. Ad-aware imports files into the cache to analyze them. it looks at zip files too. so every time you run ad-aware it brings the virus file out to look at it, and your av flags it up. you delete it from the cache, and next time you run ad-aware it turns up again. the problem is listed on the lavasoft forums here: click here

I ran the trend micro housecall on line scanner, which found 12 infected files in zip form in the sun java files. click here

Good luck!

  hugh-265156 01:54 24 Mar 2004

also try clearing you internet explorer cache maybe.

tools/internet options/general

delete files cookies history etc.

empty the quarintine in adaware also.

guessing sorry.

try a trojan remover click here "the cleaner" i have used before and is quite good.

  Tj_El 09:23 24 Mar 2004

Thanks huggyg71 & mjojo. Problem solved.

Run Trend's online scan which identified 2 virii - one in a zipped file and one in a little exe file. Both deleted. Ad-Aware no longer reports any problems.

I 'is' a happy bunny now ;-)


  mjojo 11:36 24 Mar 2004

Good for you Tj! As a matter of interest, what was the real location of the infected files?

  hugh-265156 12:35 24 Mar 2004

strange that avg did not pick up these other viruses??

what were there names?

  Tj_El 14:51 24 Mar 2004

mjojo: one file was on my desktop in a zipped file and the other was on another of my installed drives. I think it was some kind of game exe file that I have had for quite a while. The scan did not report them as things within the registry.

huggyg71, yes I agree with you on that.. strange that AVG did not pick these up. As to the names of the virii, I'm afraid I cannot recall :-( Sorry. That would have been useful. Actually thinking about is, I wonder if they are in the "Recycle bin".. worth a check when I get home tonight.

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