Ad-aware 6

  Hetti 13:24 03 Oct 2004

Every time i run Adaware6 I get lots of data miner tracking cookies all in a name my daugther used to use when she was at home. She no longer lives with us and that name is not used, can i do anything about?

  joseph k. 13:40 03 Oct 2004

I'm not really sure what you mean? If you had sufficient defences you shouldn't get many cookies at all - to allow you to sort what you consider to be good cookies (i.e. analogy 'clubcards') from bad tracking cookies install ActiveXs Cookie Wall GoTo

  joseph k. 13:41 03 Oct 2004

Sorry the link is: click here

  Old Shep 13:43 03 Oct 2004

I think, maybe wrong here, but whatever site you seem to go on you get data miner tracking cookies showing up on an adaware scan I get them all the time

  joseph k. 13:44 03 Oct 2004

Rather click here, there are also a lot of other useful little programs there.

  VoG II 14:03 03 Oct 2004

You should update to Ad-aware SE 1.05 click here

  Old Shep 14:07 03 Oct 2004

I have that version but still get them and I dont go on dodgy sites? Shouldnt we get them.

  VoG II 14:09 03 Oct 2004

Yep, I get them. I don't think they are particularly harmful but I remove them anyway.

What I don't understand about the original question is "all in a name my daugther used to use when she was at home" ??

  Stuartli 14:11 03 Oct 2004

Data Miner tracking cookies are nothing to do with dodgy websites; most people get one, two, three or so and just get rid of them if and when they do appear using Ad-aware.

As a rider to VoG™'s advice, you should also immediately update Ad-aware SE 1.05 if or when you install it.

  Hetti 14:48 03 Oct 2004

Sorry if I was not clear my daughter played on a site called POGO as MissM and that is the name that the tracking cookies show, although no one uses that name at all now is this normal?

  joseph k. 19:00 03 Oct 2004

If you were to install cookie wall it would allow you to sort the cookies out into those you wish to keep e.g. 'remember me' cookies that you can voluteer to have on sites like '' and 'PcAdvisor' etc. when you log in/out. These make signing in an easier process. Then you may put the others into the unwanted column (with one press of an arrow), these then act as a repellant against any further copies of the same cookies being put onto your machine.

All cookies are initially put into a central 'new' column until you make your mind up where you wish to put them. At the moment I have 463 cookies listed as being unwanted, this has stopped (it tells you this at the top of the column) a further 2219 unwanted cookies from entering onto my computer. I have 94 cookies which I wish to keep, which means that I do not have these constantly re-imported - they are just like entry cards, they ease your way into sites that you consider desirable, or at least they stop them from firing any pointless, identical cookies at you.

Please don't misunderstand me, there are still a few rogue cookies that get past the wall so I still use 'Ad-aware', 'Spybot', and 'Spywareblaster', but the vast majority of cookies 'hit' the 'cookiewall' first, thus enabling you to use them to your advantage rather than simply dumping them. It will also cut down on the amount of times that you will need to run 'Adaware' etc. - though there is never any harm in using them frequently anyway - obviously.

A lot of this may not seem immediately to answer your question, but by having 'cookiewall' you will be able to put these presumably unwanted cookies into the unwanted column thus solving the problem.

As the others above have said cookies are usually no more than a minor irritant. However, I cannot be as complacent as Vog (sorry Vog!), as they are at least an invasion of privacy, and can sometimes be used to influence your actions etc. etc. If they were totally harmless then why so many programs to keep them away?

I certainly agree that you should update to the latest version of Adaware though. Lavasoft have been releasing one after another just lately. click here >GoTo Cookies>Then down to the bottom of the page if you would like to try this excellent program.

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